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    Nanowire Arrays Restore Vision in Blind Mice

    How about using impregnated silk as a substrate?
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    Brain consciousness

    We like the Beta Gamma and Lambda brain waves
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    Medical Peanut allergy -- What substance causes the reaction?

    I neard a theory that Baby aspirin salicylates sensitize peanut allergies
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    Irradiance and Isc and Voc of a solar cell

    " A cell is never operated at open-circuit voltage or short-circuit current. Solar cell is operated close to the MPP. That cannot be with short circuit current because then there is no voltage. That cannot be with an open circuit voltage because then there is no current." thank yall for this...
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    Making a Nylon - Fibre Composite

    What about hempsilkotton?
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    Need help dehydrating liquid fruit blends

    Vacuum or freeze drying
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    Why are cancer rates skyrocketing ?

    My Apologies for opinionating. Highly cited Drinking water contaminant study - I wish you had Let my post stand on its own, As a demonstration for the forum's experts to disprove, since it was Just "personal opinion". In fact in...
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    Biology based on Principles

    That was a great synopsis!
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    When does plant stop using nutrients from seed leaves?

    Depends on the specific plant. Often in dicots like mammoth sunflower sprouts the two cotyledons (seed leaves) are used up and soon fall off, as the stem outgrows their width. I bet there exists a plant who keeps its seed leaves though.
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    Nexus 7 and PDF files

    kingsoft office, fb reader, cool reader, file expert hd
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    Ultra high stretch cycle elastics?
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    Ultra high stretch cycle elastics? a quote from this linked pdf about the mechanical properties of resilin "Resilin is an almost perfect elastic protein found in many insects. It can be stretched up to 300% of its resting...
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    Ultra high stretch cycle elastics?

    resilin The super elastic protein in insect wings and legs... resilin Resilin or elastin