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    Basic Electrical Engineering

    Sorry about this. I'll get some sleep and rethink the question. Thanks for the help anyway :D
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    Two physics questions

    C. Using one of the three laws of projectile motion. It obviously cant be A as it doesn't have Distance in it. It can't be B because that doesn't have time in it and D doesn't even hold acceleration. Therefore C is the right answer you would just need to re-arrange the equation to get a as...
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    Basic Electrical Engineering

    I'm just really trying to understand this equation: V = IR I have an example here where someone used it to find the total resistance of their resistor on their circuit. For example. A 12 volt battery connects to a 2 Ohm resistor. How would you calculate the total resistance made by...
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    Basic Electrical Engineering

    Homework Statement I'm currently trying to find the total resistance of my resistors in my curcuit I have designed. Homework Equations I'm using the equation V = IR, where V = Potential difference in volts, I = Current in Amps and then there's R... It's a constant of sorts but I...
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    Need Simple Circuit Schematic!

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    Science Jokes

    Haha! Took me a couple of seconds to get the second one.
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    Need Simple Circuit Schematic!

    I've been asked to make a simple circuit design for a physics class. Basically, I'm looking for something like this: [Broken] I need something with an item list and a guide as to how to connect it... needs a diagram...
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    Circuit Schematic

    I've currently got an assignment for a basic physics class. The job to be done is that I need to create a simple circuit that holds some use in society. It doesn't need to be too complicated but I've been stuck on finding a decent website that I could get a circuit schematic/build instructions...
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    VB Problem

    Just have to get a picture box to move around a screen, I'm running the program by a timer. I'll show set integers below. Timer = Timer1 Picture Box = Robot Dim Robotpace as integer Basically, when you click on the start button it enables the timer. Here's the coding. Private...
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    Speed of light

    This depends, is it just a fraction of the speed of light (as obviously nothing can travel at it bar light itself), and for how long? Either way, you can use this formula to equate Proper time to earths time: t = to/sq[1-v^2/c^2 So for example, Bazza jumps in his crazy new spaceship and...
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    The Photoelectric Effect.

    Homework Statement Having some problem with this question: The threshold fequency for a material is 5.0*10^14 Hz. Find (a) the work function and (b) the maximum velocity of electrons ejected by radiation of frequency 8.0*10^14 Hz. The mass of an electron is 9.1*10^-31kg. Homework...
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    When is suicide justified?

    While I think suicide is the ultimate act of stupidity, I find it morally alright. It's basically just giving up, when you give up you go nowhere but where you left. Suicide is avoiding the future, it's giving up all the possible opportunities and good things that can happen to you. Suicide...
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    Projectile Motion of trebuchet

    Thanks, I just realised I wasn't calculating both horizontal and vertical attributes. Can't beleive I missed that! Thanks again :D
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    Projectile Motion of trebuchet

    Homework Statement I'm looking at trebuchets. Basically, a trebuchet shoots a projectile with an initial velocity of 30ms-1 at an angle of 55, 65 and 75 degrees. Friction/Wind resistance do not account. I need to find the maximum height reached, the time the projectile spends in the air...
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    Trebuchet, what to look for?

    Homework Statement I've been asked to complete a report on an ancient weapon (Trebuchet chosen) for a final year paper. Basically its to be structured like this: - An introduction including a brief history of the ancient weapon i.e where it was used, why etc. - An explanation of the...