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    Life and the size of the universe

    Thought I'd share a thought I had about a year or so ago while I was looking through a Hubble photos book in wonderment at the vast scale of the universe. Suppose our universe is but one in lets say an infinite number of other universes all within a multiverse. And lets say that the formation...
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    Cosmic Natural Selection

    This line of thinking appeals to me, however I just want to get this strait. So since in this scenario the vast majority of universes are going to be designed to maximize BH production it is therefore possible that our own universe is among the majority.. however it is also possible that our...
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    Free will re: einstein/bohr

    We don't know the fundamental equations that govern the universe, determinnism certainly seems plausible to me.
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    News Jury conferring with the Bible

    I agree, if only ppl were rational...
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    What's Wrong with QM?

    What about the viewpoint that our subjective reality is an illusion created by an objective universe. Perhaps you only meant that by our very nature escaping a subjective viewpoint is impossible.
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    Arguments that blievers use in god discussions

    On the subject of God.. we are all creations of outside forces. No one is creating themselves. We don't beat own hearts, or grow own hair, a force or forces outside of ourselves does. In this sense there is undeniably a higher power, the forces creating us. A scientist might say we are...
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    Arguments that blievers use in god discussions

    I have not found religion to bear any actual connection to our observed reality, nor have I noticed religion to change as the details of our physical understanding of the world emerge. As far as arguing that the physical world cannot give us a complete description of nature.. it should be said...
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    Black hole universe

    Thanks for the information Marcus I'll definitely take a look at those links. My main question, put a little differently, is as the black hole in our universe grows or shrinks what happens from the perspective of the black hole universe? You pretty much address this I think with your very...
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    Black hole universe

    I know little about this but supposedly there is some thinking coming from LQG that black holes might be new universes and that our own universe may itself be a black hole birthed from another. Black holes are constantly both gaining and losing energy. Assuming our universe is a black hole...
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    When Rebutting Arguments For the Existence of God

    Actually I disagree. If God magically existing without creation is a logical explanation of the universe to you than the universe magically existing without God should be equally logical.
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    Poll: Childhood happiness, adult intelligence

    I wouldn't be suprised at all if a happy child hood improved intelectual development. I know from experience that the happier I am the more intelligent I am, and it can be quite significant.
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    Do Atheism and IQ correlate?

    People aren't totally rational. Intelligence often corresponds with rationality, but not always. I've seen highly intelligent people who fundamentally are not rational in one of two ways. Either they only use reason to prove what they want. Or they simply believe something contrary to what...
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    Life in Canada and elsewhere

    I want to feel good about humanity and here in the U.S. I can't. Things are getting worse with no end in sight. I'm with you, life somewhere is what I need. But I'm not sure I can just turn my back on what's going on here.. I'm still thinking about it.
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    Time and consciousness

    How about we are passively being created by the universe and in time? :smile:
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    Philosophy: Should we eat meat?

    What evidence, philosophical or otherwise, is there that human beings aren't just a different sort of animal? I think both science and philosophy are in agreement here, religion however is a different story.