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    My grades and future

    Good advice Chiro, I totally agree. I have had quarters with straights A's, and quarters with A's B's and C's, but I keep on going and am now in the accelerated BS/MS program pursuing a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering. Work hard and do not give up. Good luck!
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    How do people go about deciding what engineering they want to do?

    Hi, I am a BS/MS Mechanical Engineering major at Drexel University. I will tell you that I was undecided coming in, and decided to major in Mechanical. I do not regret it. The nice thing about mechanical is how broad it is. You can almost redefine yourself under mechanical. It is a good...
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    Programs Second undergrad after PhD!

    Have you looked into the free open courseware by MIT? They offer free online classes that will get you the formal aspect you are looking for without stopping your entire life to do so.
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    Complex Variables

    Homework Statement Determine the set on which f(z) = 1/(z^3 +1) is analytic and compute its derivative. Homework Equations Hint: you do not need to appeal to the Cauchy-Riemann equations The Attempt at a Solution Total stuck with this one. everything we have done this far has...
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    Transfering? And I'm Lost!

    Hello all, I am in an interesting situation. I am currently a pre-junior mechanical engineering major at Drexel University, but I attend their satellite campus at Burlington County Community College Campus. Thus far I am doing very well with a 3.88 GPA. Doing so has led me to investigate...
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    Concentration What you are Good at or What you find Interesting?

    Hello all, I am a Pre-Junior at Drexel University Mechanical Engineering Major. I am entering the BSMS program this fall. I need to choose a specialization for my Master's Degree. I have three choices - 1. Mechanics 2. Thermal Fluid Sciences 3. Control Systems. As my title states...
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    Can I Become An Engineer With a Family?

    Hello Rpease, Just another story. Two years ago at 31 years old I started at community college with no formal education in math or science. I went from intermediate algebra all the way through differential equations, physics chemistry to prepare for my engineering courses. I am currently a...
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    Engineering Op Amplifier Circuit

    Homework Statement Design an op amp circuit that acts as low-pass filter with the following transfer function G(s) = 10/(s +10) Homework Equations Inverting operational amplifier Vo(s)/Vi(s) = Z2(s)/Z1(s) Non-inverting operational amplifier Vo(s)/Vi(s) = Z1(s) + Z2(s)/ Z1(s) The Attempt...
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    Control Theory!

    Hello all, I am a mechanical engineering major who is fascinated with control theory. At my school you can specialize in controls as either a mechanical major, or an electrical major. Does anyone know if being a mechanical major is a disadvantage at becoming a control system engineer? My...
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    Schools 35 to old for Graduate School?

    Thanks Carl, and others for the boost of confidence. I am definitely going to do it. I am thinking about specializing in either Thermal Fluids, or Control Theory. Any advice on either? Mem33
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    Mechanical vs Electrical

    Good point. Coming into the program I wasn't sure what I wanted to do, so I figured I would be a mechanical major, since it is the broadest of the bunch. Now that I have been exposed to quite a few different classes, I find control theory very interesting. At my school you can concentrate in...
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    Schools 35 to old for Graduate School?

    QuarkCharmer thanks for the positive feedback. Einstein Mcfly, I was thinking more so promotions down the road, and personal accomplishment. Like you said I am in the school zone right now and don't see myself stopping getting comfortable, then starting up again.
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    Schools 35 to old for Graduate School?

    Hello all, I am a 33 year old pre-junior mechanical engineering major. This is my second degree and I am doing extremely well. Current GPA 3.88. Coming into the program I figured I would get my bachelors and that would be it, but since I have been doing so well and truly appreciate the...
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    Mechanical vs Electrical

    Hello all, I am a Mechanical major at Drexel University. I am throwing this up for debate...Which major has a better job market after graduation, mechanical or electrical?
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    Programs Are Minors worth it?

    Hello all, I am currently a pre-junior mechanical engineering major at Drexel University(non-traditional student). Somehow I am doing extremely well in the program GPA 3.9. Long story, but this is my second bachelors I am working on. Due to my poor decision making the first time around I find...