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    Generating a probability density function

    I am trying to create a simple implementation of the Bayes decision rule with minimum error criterion and I am running into a problem. Specifically, if I have a data set consisting of a number of feature vectors stored in rows, how can I generate a probability density function from this data...
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    Coronal Mass Ejection = Buzzing Coaxial Outlet?

    Hello all. Let me start with my main question and then provide a bit more background. I just noticed that an unused coaxial cable outlet in my apartment is periodically producing a faint but very noticeable buzzing sound. It seems to come and go, flickering on and off sometimes and...
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    Machine Learning Project

    I'm looking for advice. I have an assignment to train a neural network. I am confident in my abilities to write the code and train the neural network. The problems are: 1. I lack an idea. I'd like to do something interesting and potentially useful, obviously. 2. I need a rather large data...
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    Finding the Real Points of a Complex Function

    I meant the fractions which are left in the numerator after multiplying by the complex conjugate.
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    Finding the Real Points of a Complex Function

    Yeah, when I tried that I forgot that I could bring j out of a denominator and put it in the numerator if I multiplied by -1. If you don't remember that you can't factor the j's out and set that part equal to zero.
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    Finding the Real Points of a Complex Function

    Tried that and didn't get too far. Actually I just managed to solve this by realizing that the phase angle of the numerator must equal the phase angle of the denominator. Thanks for the reply though! Hopefully this will help someone in the future. Remember, the phase angle of the numerator...
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    Finding the Real Points of a Complex Function

    Hi all, I'm trying to solve the following expression for w when w is entirely real (no imaginary component). It is part of a circuits problem where I have to design a band pass filter. Note that I'm using j instead of i to denote the imaginary component...
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    Seeking Advice, Self-teaching advanced physics topics

    Haha, I'm back. Thanks for all the replies folks. I think I'll check out that book, The Road to Reality. But eventually I'd like to get into the math as well. I have Boas book on mathematical methods, so I'll get into that after the road to reality. Has anyone else read taht book? What did you...
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    Seeking Advice, Self-teaching advanced physics topics

    Hi all, I'm a bit new here. I was unsure where to post this but this seems most appropriate to me. Getting down to it, I'm interested in a number of topics in advanced physics. Specifically, I'd like to begin to do a bit of self-guided study on special/general relativity and eventually QM and...