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    Is it at all possible to live after drinking bleach?

    Thank you Jim and 256. That was interesting to read. I had no idea that bleach would be basically "mildly toxic". But then for that matter, I had never heard of it being used for suicide either. I can be rather naive at times. All I know is how difficult it is to wash off your hands, so it...
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    Is it at all possible to live after drinking bleach?

    Is it at all possible to live after drinking bleach? A friend of a friend of a friend... tried to kill herself with a bag of pills and a bottle of bleach. Medics found her and resuscitated her, she has been in the hospital in critical care for about 12 hours. I am wondering if it is at all...
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    Need Japanese Translation

    Thank you everyone! This is really fascinating. HomogenousCow, that is interesting that you were able to come up with the same thing as everyone below you. I had no idea that there were any similarities between Japanese and Chinese. Joris, thank you for the wiki link. This music was...
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    Need Japanese Translation

    Pretty please? I know there are people here that can read Japanese, I really would appreciate the help. Sorry it is rotated, I couldn't figure out how to get it changed. Thank you in advance!
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    Cities to be Lit by Bioluminescent Trees

    I see this thread was actually posted on April 1st, April Fools day, but I just had to respond that I want one of those trees. NOW!
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    Earthquake Cluster North Of Puerto Rico

    Lisa, have you ever checked the local earthquake network? I check this daily along with the USGS site. They even have a blog for when we have the local slow slip events in the subduction zone. Fun to follow! What I think is interesting is that we...
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    Can you rescue an animal in need?

    Thanks guys! This one is easy. If she doesn't want you to look at her, you get her butt in your face. :) (pat me here!) AlephZ, my dad was a farmer growing up, and all their animals were working animals. ONLY. You didn't have pets. He let it slide for us kids to always have a cat...
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    Can you rescue an animal in need?

    Oops, I meant to post after the picture! Her name is Pixie. Fits her rather well, actually. Pointy eared, small statured, mischievous creature.
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    Fossil and rock identification

    Obviously the answer was a/. Forgot this thread completely. :grumpy: Here is my arrow head. I had leaned down to pick up a flake that I had spotted, then noticed a piece of glass sticking edgewise out of the dirt. I decided it was best to remove the glass and throw it away in a garbage...
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    Can you rescue an animal in need?

    Here is my rescue! We have had her nearly a year, and are still dealing with trust issues. No one is home often enough to really work with her well, but she is a very good girl and fairly well adjusted. She just has some trust issues with men, and prefers to sit by herself instead of in your...
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    The Food Thread

    And even if you try NOT to let them. My cousin took home some black berry canes many years ago, and he is now slightly resented in his community. It is a wealthy community in the hills overlooking the city, and all the hillsides are now covered in blackberry. The birds carried the seed. The...
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    Turbo-1's HOT STUFF

    These are actually 2 year old plants. I planted the seeds in January 2012. My jalapeno I bought at the store in 2010. I overwinter them inside, then place them outside when it gets warm. Which is like last week. :rolleyes:
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    Turbo-1's HOT STUFF

    I finally have 3 ghosts pods growing. The plants are still tiny (only 8 inches high) so I was very surprised to see those mean looking little beasts hiding under the leaves. My daughter insists all three are going to her boyfriend and his best friend, but we shall see. If they were in serious...
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    How to make $4000 an HOUR!

    Sorry AntiFreeze, does this make you feel any better? This is my thought also. Is it fair if the company is healthy? Wouldn't it make the company look even better if the employees were paid more than the average joe?