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    Quick calculation of lattice parameter and unit cell volume for germanium?

    Homework Statement Calculate dhkl and vc for the (111) direction of germanium. Homework Equations dhkl=a/sqrt(h2+k2+l2) vc=unit cell volume=a1dot(a2xa3) or vc=structure form factor/density The Attempt at a Solution dhkl=a/sqrt(3) I know how to solve this, I've just...
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    Series proof: 1/1+(1/1+(1/1+(1/1+ what does it equal?

    Homework Statement B=1/(1+(1/1+(1/1+(1/1+(1/1+... what does B equal? Homework Equations I don't believe there are's a conceptual question. The Attempt at a Solution Would it converge to 0? My reasoning was that if 1/(1+1)=1/2, and then 1/(1+1/2)=1/(3/2)=2/3, and...
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    What is the relationship between mass absorption coeff. and linear absorp. coeff.?

    From what I have read it's MAC=LAC/density...I just want to confirm this is correct. Thanks!
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    What do these variables represent in an equation for thin film reflectivity?

    Homework Statement I'm just trying to figure out what all the variables are in an equation I'm using for thin film reflectivity. Any advice beyond that would be appreciated though... Homework Equations rthin slab=(-i * \lambda * \rho * r0 * \Delta)/(sin(\alpha)) note: alpha here isn't an...
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    Complex Pulley System (five different pulleys)

    So tension in the red rope would equal 1/3(W+B), and then tension in the green rope would equal 1/3(A+1/3(W+B)) ?
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    Complex Pulley System (five different pulleys)

    Homework Statement We are asked to find the force (F) needed to maintain equilibrium. I've drawn a picture; the red, blue, and green ropes are three separate ropes. Block W has a weight of 500 lbs, pulley A has a weight of 10 lbs, and pulley B has a weight of 20 lbs. the picture...
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    Building a hovercraft, having an issue with finding center of mass

    Homework Statement I'm building a hovercraft, and I'm familiar with how to calculate center of mass--however, there's something that will be sitting on the surface of the hovercraft that's throwing me off. I just can't seem to get it to work. I'm just trying to find what the mass would be at...