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    Are we ever in the present time?

    I believe our concept of time may not be correct . I believe the past, future and present may be one, occurring at the same time or THE time. The more future there is, the more past there is vice versa. If you were to watch a video in reverse, would you not say there is a pattern there also...
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    What are all the Dimensions?

    Maybe i should refine my question.. What kind of form does this space take and could you compare it to anything in form that can be seen by us.
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    What are all the Dimensions?

    I mean how do you know the physics represent space. Could they be representing something that just has the properties of space?
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    What are all the Dimensions?

    How do you know it is space like?
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    How many dimensions are there, really?

    So we exist within a 4 dimension+ universe? How can this be if we can only function viewing the universe in 3d. Wouldnt functioning be impossible?
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    9 Space Dimensions 2 Time Dimensions

    Where exactly are these extra space dimenions and why do we not feel them? For some strange reason i believe the dimensions they seek lie someplace else.
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    Drugs are bad M'kay?

    Drugs like everything else in existence has a purpose. Recreation is not the purpose of any drug it is just humanities greed for pleasure and escape from reality that has created this trend.
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    Physical reality is not the real reality

    Physical reality is not the “real” reality Physical reality makes it possible for us to react with each other, the mental functioning of our brains. The functioning. How do planets function? They do not think, but they do function. How would they function with each other without being...
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    A Thought Experiment

    Time has infinite dimensions. We live in our own dimension of time as do atoms and planets the universe and so on.
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    Random Awareness

    The point i was trying to make was if the real reason you were bothered was because of the piss on the seat, why didnt you just look before and clean it off yourself if its there? When you first argued about this, you seemed like it was the piss that got you angry, the cleaniness issue. Yet...
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    Random Awareness

    You say you want us to put the seat up so you would not have to sit on pis. You also say that you want us to put the seat down so you wont fall into the toilet bowl. Is it really that hard for you to look down before you pee? If you simply looked before you went, all your problems would be...
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    Random Awareness

    Woman are not mad at men for not lifting the toilet seat because of the piss left on the seat, their just mad because if they lift it themselves that would make them the ones doing all the work. They think this way subconsciously without knowing it. If the real reason to their complaining was...
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    White men still dominating science posts

    When one becomes wealthy and needs no more for tiresome work a certain degree of corruption will occur. They will have thought of themselves as a higher being among those who still need to work to live. They will believe that their ways of thinking have brought them into this higher state of...
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    Dreams- Subconscious Minds

    Dreams, subconscious workings with the purpose of playing out behavioral functioning. Basically dreams allow you to see how you would behave in any given situation. You should learne how you behave in your dreams and use them as a tool to correct any negative behavior you may have.
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    Whats the proof that god exists?

    This thread is useless.