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Physical reality is not the real reality

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    Physical reality is not the “real” reality

    Physical reality makes it possible for us to react with each other, the mental functioning of our brains. The functioning. How do planets function? They do not think, but they do function. How would they function with each other without being physical? The butterfly effect. Physical reality is not the “real” reality. The way we function is reality. What we see is only the byproduct of our functioning that enables us to coexist with other patterns of functioning. Without the physical, we could not combine or functioning, we would have no means of distinguishing other forms of functioning to our own. We must have all started from a single form of self-evolving functioning. As time progressed this initial form became more and more complex, complex to the point where unity was impossible. Stability was broken. In order for the two different forms of functioning to be able to react and grow with each other, the physical dimension was created. As these forms of functioning grew more and more complex, the laws of the physical dimension demanded they spread. The big bang. Physical reality is nothing more than how we perceive functioning. Physical creation, birth, death, life are all illusions of reality. We die when we are no longer able to function. We are born when two functioning patterns combine. Mathematics is the key to our true reality.
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    sounds like a propaganda mission statement
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