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    Autonomous satilite

    Maybe As A Missle Defence Shield Sort Of Thing?
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    Antimatter questions

    If antimatter has gravity, then it can collapse into an anti-black hole. If an anti-black hole and a black hole collide (assuming equal mass), would they neutralize each other, neutralize part of their mass giving the rest of the mass enough energy to escape the gravity well, or ? If there...
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    Harnessing energy from gravity

    You do know that aether doesn't exist?
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    Antimatter questions

    I just hava a few questions about antimatter. Does it have gravity? Can you compress it into a singularity?, and if so what would happen if you were pulled towards it? Does it have entropy? Could you use it to destroy black holes? An isotope of carbon(C-22?) decays and produces antimatter...
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    Powered Armor?

    The many uses for a very small atomic reactor.. :)
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    RTG Plans needed.

    Trimium, but americium produces more ions and lasts longer
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    Powered Armor?

    This thread is quiet.... what happened to all the people?
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    When will computer hardware match the human brain?

    The first computers were analog :cool: But i think it would be more like bio-neural circutry (as on Star trek(little c thingy) Voyager)
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    Difference between a Gravity Well and a Black Hole

    Black holes are formed by anything massive enough to stop light from radiating from escaping. Two neutron stars coliding Two other black holes Large star goes nova Thats all i can think of now
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    Microwave propulsion

    RF fields have an E and a H field the E field is electric, the H field is magnetic. They are both weak, but they do exist, and they interact with things (like your radio's antenna)
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    Kate spilled black ink on her white dress.

    Anybody have a dictionary file (.txt please) Brute force attack, anyone?
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    Discover Your Past Life

    I'm checking the javascript code which runs it (all programmed, nothing supernatural) If i feel like it, later i [B]would[B] debunk this one (probabilistic screening, ect) But i don't feel like it right now :frown: Anybody else (who can program), want to try it? (it gets boring after the...
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    Help with writing a program

    Try looking for the combo bar html tags, and use a spider to crawl the URL's found in the bar.
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    Calculators New anti-spam sceme

    Did you know that if anybody used bysononian(probabalistic, sp?) spam filters (or any), all the spammers would go out of buisiness; ie Bankrupt (read: No spam).
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    Automated data collection from the net database

    load into array(single dimentional, one cell per character) open "C:\Textfile.txt" for output as #1 for x = 2 to ubound(array()) - 2 if isnumerical(array(x)) then if isnumerical(array(x + 1)) then if isnumerical(array(x + 2)) then if isnumerical(array(x - 1)) then...