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    Worldbuilding idea - the edge of survivability

    Just brainstorming and asking questions the readers will be asking. also the initial premises is generations of people living on this prison planet. if they are mining any material that is rare and difficult to reach then they will have tools for prospecting. unless the mining sites are chosen...
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    Worldbuilding idea - the edge of survivability

    I assume The prisoner are human while the Captors are some Alien race? Why imprison them at all? Was Politics or Religion on the part of the Captors or Captives some how involved? If the Captors are so much more advanced then why not use an army of AIs? or Genetic Engineered Slave race? or even...
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    Worldbuilding idea - the edge of survivability

    I think before just about any one can really contribute on a meaningful level we need more info on the plot. Other then that my only question is how does this Ore get back into space without allowing your prisoners to escape? If they live in a sealed environment that includes some form of...
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    Fossil energy sources on a young Earth-like planet

    I don't know how likely they are to develop but have you considered Methane Clathrate? since it does not appear to need organic masses to form?
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    Has Doctor Who Jumped the Shark?

    Has Dr Who jumped the shark... I'd have to say no. at least in my opinion it hasn't. Will it ever, I don't know. One thing many people seem to forget is that DR who is a Children's program (technically Family Horror) in the UK, and holding it the standard of a serious science fiction show is...
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    Questions about inhabited moons (or at least one)

    don't worry it seems to have gotten moved. 1. Yes it is Physically possible provided either handwavium mass, or the Moon in question is the size of earth. Either way my research on the topic says the the moon would be tidally locked, since it would likely have to orbit a gas giant. Other wise...
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    Biological life as hard as iron?

    Doing some research I stumbled across this page Basically good old wood can with the right treatment become harder then steel. the page describes the basic process.
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    Obstacles for Life in the Degenerate Era

    I'm by no means an expert. but I think it would come down to Energy almost every time. If humanity and other races have survived into this time period. Then Technology would have a solution to every thing, provided you had enough energy. I think the Big question would be how do these people...
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    Eden Cronicles, Time to wake up

    hey guys its been much longer then i ever intended in coming but i do have the much delayed next chapter in my story. instead of delaying yet again until its perfect here it is Chapter 1 5mm, is all that stood between Inkel and his target. 5mm of Diamond smart glass created over a...
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    Call for examples of 'coincidences' in physics

    I don't know if this works for you but Venus's 583.92-day interval between successive close approaches to the Earth is equal to 5.001444 Venusian solar days, making approximately the same face visible from Earth at each close approach. Whether this relationship arose by chance or is the...
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    Eden Cronicles, Time to wake up

    Don't I know it Drakkith. Its more a long the lines of being unhappy with the perspective, and balancing the attention I'm giving the characters and the environment. I also find my self writing from different characters perspectives. The first chapter is hard for me because every thing is new...
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    Eden Cronicles, Time to wake up

    Thanks for stopping by Brenan if your talking about this Book then I'll keep an eye out for it. I just really wish I had more time in which to actually sit down and write with. just too many projects on the go, and unfortunately most of them are not "optional" :( so far I have written...
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    Eden Cronicles, Time to wake up

    No it isn't a whole chapter its just a prelude. and thanks for the suggested reading, I'll look into getting a copy of both books As for my background piece its just one of many societies that exists in the universe. and while it seems a little Idealistic its because it is. Nexagona is striving...
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    Eden Cronicles, Time to wake up

    Hello Everyone. While I'd love to post the next chapter I can not as I have not had the time to actually write it. so instead to keep both this thread alive and active, and to keep my story in mind so I can actually write it. I've decided to get your options of several plot (for lack of a...
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    Future energy sources

    On a side note there is a naturally occurring sources of anti-matter right in Earths orbit. See this Article