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    Is it true that every behavior is acquired?

    Hi, I was told that "Every behavior beyond our most primal behaviors are learned/acquired behaviors". Is it true? If so, is there any room to choose what behavior to learn? Thank you for your time Cheers, ORF
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    C/++/# Problem when std::function refers to member function

    Hi, I have a class master_t which is composed by two other classes, dev_a, dev_b. I would like that a member function from the dev_b object (within master_t) could use a member function of dev_a object (within master_t). This is a minimal working code, where line 26 implements this feature...
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    A Any electron/beta coincidence database?

    Hi, I think ENSDF/XUNDL databases are what you are looking for. You shall try first ENSDF (Evaluated data), and if the data is not complete, you may try XUNDL (Unevaluated data), This is how XUNDL webpage looks...
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    Python Binned Maximum Likelihood fit in python?

    Hi, thanks for your very complete explanation. After normalizing the pdf it converges nicely. I hope I can continue from it. Thanks, ORF
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    Python Binned Maximum Likelihood fit in python?

    Thanks, but that example is exactly as the one in the documentation (replacing beta distro by exp). I would like to do unbinned and binned likelihood fits using a custom pdf/fitting function. Thank you for your time.
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    Python Binned Maximum Likelihood fit in python?

    Hi, In this case the result is wrong. For other simple fitting function it complains either convergence is very slow or directly it reaches 100 iterations and it stops without converging. Probably there is something wrong with my code. Still, this method is for unbinned data. Is there any...
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    Python Binned Maximum Likelihood fit in python?

    Hi, Thanks! It is a nice starting point. However this way of defining our own fitter seems quite primitive (for example, I would need to write another junk of code for calculating the covariance matrix). Is there any method like curve_fit but using Maximum Likelihood? Thank you for your...
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    Python Binned Maximum Likelihood fit in python?

    Hi, I have been using Python for a while now, but so far for Least-squares fits using curve_fit from Scipy. I would like to start using Likelihood method to fit binned and unbinned data. I found some documentation in Scipy of how to implement unbinned likelihood fit, but I have not managed to...
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    I What is theoretically the heaviest isotope that the R-process could produce?

    Hi Many things in this thread... :) I will start by direct answer to the OP, and then other side notes Q: What is the heaviest isotopes synthesized during r-process? There is no experimental data available. According to nucleosynthesis calculations, which take into account very heavy...
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    A Standard radionuclides used in energy detector calibration

    Hi, You may find this database quite useful Just put the source you are looking for, and it retrieves the all the reported measurements of that nucleus. Cheers, ORF
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    I Diminishing returns from particle accelerators

    Well, to uncover new physics one may need something else apart from higher energy, for example, detector/technical development in some other part of the experimental setup.
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    Ecology -- Which microorganisms are the main decomposers in the sea?

    Hi, On land, the nutrient cycle is closed by decomposer microorganisms (fungi, bacteria). Which organisms have the equivalent role in the sea? Thank you for your time. Cheers, ORF
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    Favorite Physical Sciences Podcasts?

    Hi, I would follow Jim Al-Khalili, nuclear physicist from Surrey University (UK). He has a program at BBC, and many documentaries and (audio)books. He explore many cutting-edge science topics, and some times you would need a bit of physics to follow...
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    CAMAC crate electronics - Where were/are they used?

    Hi, If you want to buy some old stuff, you may ask the main nuclear physics labs/facilities in your country, they can tell you if they are using them, or planning to get rid of some CAMAC crates/modules. If they have some old modules and they are not in use, maybe they can give them to you free...
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    Microcanonical ensemble generalized pressure

    Hi, please, crosscheck that the partial derivative is for S and N constant (sorry, it was the only wikipedia article with the pressure definition as partial derivative) Regards, ORF