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    Leas squares curve fit problem

    The main problem is that I have no idea what I am doing. But second to that I am attempting to fit a curve to some data using the equation y = ((1/A(x-B)^(C+1))+D)^-1 if that makes sense I need to get the values for A,B,C and D and so have been looking into lsqnonlin but I am having...
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    Programs Wrong PhD?

    I don't think I was really ever thinking about not finishing the PhD. My worry is really whether there will be opportunities for me to move away from this field but still pursue research, in particular in physics?
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    Programs Wrong PhD?

    Hi I'm doing a PhD in england and am worrying that I have gone into the wrong subject area(organic electronics), I only have a year left and feel like I can complete it but find myself drawn away from my subject area (i originally did a physics degree). What do you think I should do...
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    Anyone know the dielectric constant of OTS?

    umm, well I was treating silicon, does that make a diffeerence? I fdound a reference that has dielectric constants for alkly-trichlorosilanes and it gives it at between 2.4 and 2.5...
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    Anyone know the dielectric constant of OTS?

    Anyone know the dielectric constant of OTS?
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    LaTeX Latex figures

    I usually use .png files in LAtex and you can save as straight fro paint
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    Column Flip Origin

    Can anyoune tell me how you flip a column in origin so you are reading it from bottom to top? I don't mind if it means making a new column. Or if this isn't possible then is it possible to do a differential when taking the bottom values first?? If that makes any sense Thanks
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    Disoersion relation and lattice constants

    Dispersion relation and lattice constants I need to be able to calculate the period (which I believe is the lattice constant) for a 1D crystal given the energy wavevector relation. Is this possible? I also have to find the Bravais lattice of a 2D crystal give a similar relation. What is it...
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    Gaussian fitting

    I have a set of data for an absorption spectra that I plot the firtst derivative of and it gives me a gaussianish plot, I then want to fit it with a gaussian and what i've been doing so far is calculating the mean and variace of the spread and then using them in the equation. Although this does...
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    Srand() seed microsecs?

    Cool that seems like a good plan, unfortunately, i don't know how to use QueryPerformanceCounter(), do you think you could explain it a little bit? Thanks
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    Srand() seed microsecs?

    Hi Im using Visual basic c++ and was wonderig what the easiest way was to seed srand() with the time in microseconds is. Thanks
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    Add char to string class

    yeah, that does work, but i was hoping to be able to just add characters on there own
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    Add char to string class

    got the first bit working, had to change _a[_N+1] to _a[_N-1] has any one any advice on where to start with adding from the other side i.e. at the moment i can add string a("hello"), b; b = a+'f'; but i cant do b = 'f'+a ?????
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    Add char to string class

    hi, this is what ive got so far and what i'm wanting to do is add a char to the end(and eventually the beginning) of the string but i can't seem to get it to work, do you think ive got the right idea #include "string.h" #include <iostream> using namespace std; using namespace PC3762...