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    Schools High School Dropout: Please help

    Hello PF,I am Perceptron. A few months ago I had to drop out of my high school to support my family. I currently have two Jobs. One is Monday through Friday 8AM-4PM. The other is on Fridays and Saturdays 7PM-10PM. Basically, my only free day is on Sunday. I got depressed for some time...
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    Medical Cornea Remolding: Is it legit?

    It also slows down the progression of myopia for young children according to this study:
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    Medical Cornea Remolding: Is it legit?

    I heard that there was these special contact lenses that one can put on their eyes over night for some period of time, and in the morning they wake up to have perfect vision. Is it legit? If it is, is there any side effects?
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    Medical How do I prevent further progression of myopia when studying?

    When studying for long periods, does looking up at a distance make a difference? Would looking up periodic after 30 minutes from the book any helpful?
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    Medical My Myopia: How do I regain my eyesight?

    For the past 5 years I have been constantly using the computer for at least on average 4 hours a day and reading books. But I think because of this, my eyes are going bad. I have hard trouble seeing from far distances. Is there any way of regaining my eyesight? Thank you.
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    I'm young and my hair is thinning

    I'm 16 years old male, and I noticed last year that my hair was thinning. I do not know if it's because of my dry scalp or because of the shampoo I'm using. Is it normal to have thinning hair at this age?Can I regrow my lost hair? Also, how can I get rid of my dry, itchy scalp? Thank you.
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    One Dimensional Motion Question

    I'll try giving this problem a shot. We know that the initial height is 18m, and the final height for when the pelican swoops down is 0m. From the equation Δ y= VoyT + .5gT2, we have to plug Yf as 0 m, Yi as 18m,and Voy as 0m/s. -18m= .5gT2 √[-18/(.5g)]=T=1.9 (pelican to catch fish)-(time...