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    Simple Harmonic Motion/Wave Motion

    Hi, I need to find the frequency, amplitude, and period for the motion of a particle whose distance s from the origin is the given function. s= 2sin2tcos2t. This is what I came up with, can someone please tell me if I am doing this correctly. sin2t = 2sintcost s = sin4t A= 1...
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    Electromagnetic Waves Problem

    Hi, Can someone help me on the following problem: Suppose you are located 180 m from a radio transmitter. How many wavelengths are you from the transmitter if the station calls itself 1147 AM? (The AM band frequencies are in kilohertz.) I have used the following equation to find the...
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    Heat/Temperature Physics Problem

    Hi, Can someone please tell me what I am doing wrong with the following problem. The computer keeps telling me that I am coming up with the wrong answer. In a constant-volume gas thermmoeter, the pressure at 18.0 C is 0.980 atm. What is the pressure at 42.0 C? I am using the equation...
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    Physics Problem: Sound Waves

    I just wanted to say Thanks For helping me.
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    Physics Problem: Sound Waves

    I have placed the information in the Doppler equation "I quess that it what it is called." Where the observed frequency (f') = 480 Hz, frequency (f) = 560 Hz, the velocity (v) = 343 m/s, the velocity of the observer (vo) = 0 m/s, and I am solving for the velocity of the ambulance's speed (vs)...
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    Physics Problem: Sound Waves

    Hi, Can someone please help me with the following problem: Standing at a crosswalk, you hear a frequency of 560 Hz from the siren of an approaching ambulance. After the ambulance passes, the observed frequency of the siren is 480 Hz. Determine the ambulance's speed from these observations.