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    Space vs sound

    Sound is vibrations travelling through air as pressure differences. Think of it as a high and low pressure wave following eachother rapidly. Since space dust would not be able to have high pressure and low pressure, it couldnt be a medium for sound as we know it to travel. Imagine a lot of...
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    Thermodynamics and black holes.

    As one of the laws of thermodynamics states, each transformation of energy results in a loss of heat. Therefor something with kinetic energy will only give off energy when that energy changes form, i.e collides with something. Ofcourse this is not taking into account the energy already being...
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    Getting wet from the rain

    Well certainly they have to jazz it up to make people watch the show, They definitely make mistakes as I'm sure any science lab would. I have seen a few shows where they went back and admitted to mistakes and re did the experiment. I'm not trying to say that they have the definitive answer...
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    Getting wet from the rain

    well they follow the scientific method, I suppose you would have to watch the episode to see if you agree that they covered all the bases with their experiment
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    The Photoelectric Effect question

    To go back to jumolgas original question. Each electron is held by the atom at a certain strength. A photon with a high enough energy (short enough wavelength) has enough energy to knock an electron free. However if a photon does not have enough energy then it can not move the electron You...
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    Guide me

    rehana, People in these forums do not respond well to short forms of words such as "plz" and "thnkx". In the future take the time to write your words and sentences properly and more people will take the time to give you your answers. In any even I think the best person to talk to would be...
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    Dark Matter and Velocity

    If I was travelling 60% of light speed in one direction, and you were travelling 60% of light speed in another direction We would be invisible to eachother correct ? Is that all that dark matter is? matter in which the distance between us is increasing faster than light speed?
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    Getting wet from the rain

    On discovery channel the myth busters answered this question. Using rain coming straight down they found the faster you went the more wet you became. Even if travelling faster meant spending less time in the rain. You must also consider that when travelling at a speed you are receiving rain...
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    We are in a Schwarzschild black hole-T or F?

    What if the point of observation was the center? Would this help to explain it? Suspend beleif that that is not possible for a moment.
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    D=E/pi does this equation explain gravity and more?

    "Lethbridge student solves Universe" in todays local paper. A young lad has postulated that D=distance D=E/pi The theory on how it explains gravity is that if distance is altered by E then a beam of light travelling around say the sun would encounter a greater distance on one side of...
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    Why we can't go back .

    only way to go back without paradoxes No matter where you are in the universe due to relativity compared to energy you are always in the middle. That being said, If you could teleport halfway to the edge of the galaxy, since you'd still be in the middle the universe would only be half as old...
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    How long till we can travel into the future?

    and if infinite times zero equals one then dimension=d(t) with each variable representing a zero or infinite and dimension representing our universe to exit our universe out of a black hole and exit that universe out of a consecutive black hole dimension must be 2 or greater. where a value...
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    How long till we can travel into the future?

    in the equation d=(c-v)t If velocity was light then time is infinite. zero times infinite being one. distance would equal one. That distance would be our universe, or our singularity. And since only mass travelling at light speed can make distance zero and time infiinite dt=1 the one...
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    How long till we can travel into the future?

    E=mc2 did you know the c in that equation is d=(c-v)t t=c/v+d v=(d+c)t c=(dt)-v *Note velocity is directional. light could also be c=(dt)+v depending if your looking at direction of travel or opposite your direction. If you make velocity light speed. Then distance is zero and time...
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    What if infinite times zero equalled one?