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    Atheism Illegal in Indonesia

    I really hate this world we live in only because there are still people who believe in fairy tales. The main point is that ALL of the religions have been created by man. They were all created by men to tell other men how to think. If I had a say in it, all organized religions would be banned.
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    Summer reading list

    I always recommend "The Black Hole War" by Leonard Susskind. Its not a technical book, but a very great read.
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    TV: The Big Bang Theory fans!

    The balloon didn't float away, the release of gas shot it upwards. The gas in keyboard dusters lowers your voice.
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    Cool Math topics

    Taylor series and expansions are really interesting. The fact that you can describe most functions by an infinite series is amazing and an insight to the ingenuity of humans.
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    Is Science Man Made?

    What incredible results does religion produce? Compared with science?
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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2012 Class Schedules

    Physics major sophomore Summer: Numerical Methods and Linear Algebra History of the Contemporary World Fall: Physics II and Lab Multivariable Calculus C Family Programming
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    Bachelor's Mech Eng to Master's Aero Eng Possible?

    From what I've been told the answer is yes.
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    What to do with a semester off?

    Tutor physics, study more math, read a grad level text
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    Modules to choose?

    From the courses you gave I would say: Abstract Algebra 1 Advanced Complex Analysis 1 Differential Geom. Classical Field Theory Quantum Mechanics 1 Statistical Physics 1 -------------------- Abstract Algebra 2 Advanced Complex Analysis 2 Partial Differential Equations Classical Electrodynamics...
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    All the geophysicists in the house, represent

    I would say take chemistry or geology but I don't know what courses you have to take. Taking chem before geology would probably be best, but that's just me. As far as being intellectually gifted, if you have the drive and put in enough time and effort, you'll be fine.
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    CMB Peak Fregenucy (Planck's law vs. Wein's law)

    wikipedia says: "The CMBR has a thermal black body spectrum at a temperature of 2.725 K, which peaks at the microwave range frequency of 160.2 GHz, corresponding to a 1.873 mm wavelength. This holds if measured per unit frequency, as in Planck's law. If measured instead per...
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    Plans for asteroid mining

    Apparently so.
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    Is string theory just a new math?

    One of the articles I read mentioned that the string theory equations for a black hole can be used for some part of quantum computing.
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    Math for Condensed Matter or Materials Science Theory

    Thanks everyone for the advice