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    Obtaining Oxygen

    But, don't be stupid enough to breathe this, if any peroxide vapor is in the mix, it would be very dangerous for you.
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    West Antarctica's ice sheet loss "appears unstoppable"

    Al Gore should go down there and stop it from moving...
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    Volume Measurement (Dry Method)

    Hi TechFan, Very clever. For the accuracy checks, I would test machined cubes or cylinders with volumes that can be precisely measured. When filling with pressurized air, realize the air temp can be quite different from RT, at least initially. I would add a temp sensor inside to tell...
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    Can I run this with a solar panel?

    And of course, if your solar panel is not pointed directly at the sun, preferably in the middle of a sunny day, it will give you less power than it is rated for...
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    Making a pressure cooker from scratch - need help with equations

    Tobias, What you said: 'and couldn't find anyone engaging in a similar project.', should be a major clue for you... I'd recommend you Google 'Darwin awards', a group you don't wish to join...
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    Making a pressure cooker from scratch - need help with equations

    Tobias, You have chosen a question that is not likely to get answered by anyone who knows better, since no one would want to see you kill yourself or others. Bottom line, pressure vessel design is not for amateurs (and is guaranteed to cost more than a commercial device, even for someone...
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    Alternate shapes for compressed cylinders

    Because for the vast majority of applications, weight and/or cost is also a prime factor. Cost is related to the amount of material used in the tank and its processing cost. The lowest weight format for any pressure vessel is a sphere, which is why these are used in weight sensitive aircraft...
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    What would be the best method for heating copper tubing via nichrome?

    Note also that the nichrome will expand when heated and may not stay tight on the ceramic paper....
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    Heating 800 watts nichrome wire with a battery.

    There is no fixed value of 'temperature' given the specification of a "800W Nichrome wire". A stable temperature is achieved once power in (800W, assuming you set the voltage correctly) equals power out (heat flow). So, the answer depends on what is surrounding the wire (vacuum, still air...
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    What would be the best method for heating copper tubing via nichrome?

    I'd probably get some ceramic paper or thin ceramic cloth and wrap the Cu tube with it, then wrap nichrome around both with many turns. I would then wrap this with many layers of ceramic paper or cloth and keep it all together with standard steel wire twisted upon itself. The nichrome...
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    Good thermal conductor but insulator

    You might also consider simple hard anodized aluminum. The anodized layers should give you a thick enough oxide to prevent any electrical conduction. Of course, anything contacting it should not be able to break through this oxide layer.
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    Astronomy Day is coming at my university; any suggestions for demos?

    If you can find a rubber sheet, say 3' x 3' and stretch it evenly on a rigid frame, then put a weight in the middle to simulate a massive object (say the sun), you can show a model of space-time and explain how the models dimple makes smaller objects orbit the central object. This would be an...
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    Good thermal conductor but insulator

    First throught was diamond, but 'easy' to fabricate rules that out. Second thought is BeO ceramic, but must be processed very carefully to prevent Be poisoning. You may want to research thermally conductive ceramics - there may be some that are not dangerous to process. There are some...
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    Chemical for cleaning printed picture on plastic material?

    Sorry, I have no recommendations specifically for 'ink'.