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    Space elevator ? How can it work?

    OK. Thanks for all the answers. I was thinking they were trying to get the thing from a parking lot up into something already in space.
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    Space elevator ? How can it work?

    I have been reading about the so called "SPACE ELEVATOR" in various articles in the news papers and magazines and reading that in a contest recently a company won a $900,000. prize as their creation climbed a mile long cable suspended from a helicopter in under 4 min. I understand that this...
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    SCALAR ELECTRO-MAGNETIC WEAPONS? Are there such things? I have searched for data but have never gotten much of an answer. Some people claim knowledge of Russian research and development of such weapons. Does anyone know what the truth is? (Some persons even claim the latest hurricane that...
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    Airliner crashes due to decompression failure ?

    If an airliner looses it's air supply in flight (decompression) and crashes as we read about last week and all of the people were found EXCEPT the pilot I wonder what actually happened. What if the pilot wanted to crash the aircraft,for some reason, and had a plan to do it as follows: (1)...
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    Launch of space shuttle

    The guys at Palmdale/Skunk Works designed the Lockheed SR-71; the fastest,highest flying jet besides a bunch of other kinds of winners during World War II,so just give them the job of designing and building a new space SHIP. Heck with an Earth Orbitor...we want a ship to take us to MARS! :smile:
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    Launch of space shuttle

    Fixing the shuttel's fragile tiles? Speaking of designing a new space shuttle. How about letting Burt Rotan try his ideas out and see what he comes up with? Seems like his team has had pretty good luck so far with his Space Ship One. One more question: How does the Russian supply ship...
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    Electromagnetic Space Drive

    There is lots of talk about our chemical rockets being obsolete and we need something better to take their place. There are: nuclear, small electronic/plasma drives and what else? What do you think we will someday use to get to Mars and beyond? (Too bad StarTreks space- ship stardrives are...
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    Scalar Weapons? Fact or Fiction?

    Well, it seems everyone has placed Bearden in the Crackpot category so that question seems answered. Now what about the possible "Suitcase sized Atomic Bombs"? Do you guys think that there are any hidden in the USA?(and would they still work?)
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    HOMEbuilt H-Bombs? Fact or Fiction?

    One last opinion poll for all of you that responded to my question about "Home made H-Bombs". I read about and have heard on late night radio programs about the possible existance of "SUITCASE NUCLEAR BOMBS" being purchased from the old CCCP KGB and about 20 are already hidden here in the...
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    Billy Meier: Swiss UFO Contactee or Fake Master?

    Forgive me if this subject has been talked to death but I ran a search and nothing came up so...... what is your opinion of this guy and all of his UFO photos (NON -grainy ones) and his book :"And Yet they FLY". I have not heard of anything lately and still think he is a big fake. He writes...
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    Scalar Weapons? Fact or Fiction?

    "Eighty billion more for Iraq, no we can't save the Hubble, too much money." I think you are right about this Dayle. Seems like we should have a try at saving the Hubble. We just need one more successuful mission. NASA fixed it twice already. Or was it Three times?
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    Disclosure project

    I've always thought Doctor Steven Greer M.D. was the most creditable person around with his DISCLOSURE PROJECT. I have his book and have heard many of the retired military men speak and say they are ready to tell of their experiences with UFOs. The only disappointment is nothing seems to be...
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    Scalar Weapons? Fact or Fiction?

    I hear/read about "Scalar Weapons" from a certain website : and it's main man : retired Col. Tom Bearden. I have one of his books and he has lots to say and most seems too weird to believe. The following is part of a long paper on weapons of great power ? : Scalar...
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    Best Conspiracies

    Best Conspiracies: Murder of Microbiologists??? I know I need to search out the truth for myself but I have been hearing of the deaths (Murders?) of several fairly famous Microbiologists in the past 2 or 3 years. Some say this might be the work of terrorists who want to limit the work of...
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    Best Conspiracies

    What about the "Spear of Destiny" ---------------------------------------------------------------- Sounds like a good book I should have. Have you ever heard of the story that Hitler's people sought out a museum relic that was said to be the spear tip that was used to pierce CHRIST's...