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    Codes, language, information theory

    The Information Theory and Cybernetics (Shannon, Wiener) and the perspective of some physicists (Schrödinger) was very influential on the development of Molecular Genetics. The molecular genetic approach showed its power to explain a lot of biological and medical problems, from evolution...
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    Is Scientism scientific?

    DSM: Science or Scientism? It is possible that modern Psichiatry exemplifies the Scientism in his hard form. The manual currently used to diagnose psychiatric disorders, the DSM IV, do not seems, from my viewpoint, the best method of approach to the complexity of mental diseases.
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    Is Scientism scientific?

    The epistemic interest and technical applications of Science are obvious. A lot of scientists think that Science is the only possible way to the knowledge of the "reality". So, it would be only a matter of time the conquest by Science of all the old metaphysical questions. I am not in...
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    Roman Emperors and Empire

    Yes. I agree I suggest the great Gibbon's "Decline and Fall...":
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    The most beautiful experiments

    Obviously, the initial image of the genome replication would be very different. Does luck tarnish elegance in an experiment?
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    Are you in agreement with Science popularization?

    It is very difficult for a scientist to know about fields outside his specialized area of work. Nevertheless, there are a lot of books and magazines that popularize Science to make it accessible to men without a minimal scientific background. What do you think on the value of this...
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    Why do you get old and ultimately die

    Longevity in mammals Life span varies among species. One approach to the study of these differences is the use of dimensional analysis to stablish comparisons. More recently, telomerase activity was related to number of cell generations in humans and some experimental models. What would be...
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    Scientists and technicians

    Yes. That is the sense in what I refer to technician.
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    Scientists and technicians

    My question was more related with the scientific research. For example, a relevant paper published on Biology involves a lot of laboratory work. But often the technician's work is not recognized in any form. So, this situation, although in a very different social context, is reminiscent...
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    Emergence: Ontological or Epistemological?

    Emergence is currently used in both reductionist or "anti"-reductionist senses, being ambiguous the current expression " the whole is more than the sum of parts". It is clear the epistemological use of the term emergence. Entropy is an obvious example. A macroscopic description arises from a...
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    The most beautiful experiments

    In Physicsweb are reported the ten most elegant experiments in Physics ( In Biology, the Meselson-Stahl is currently seen as one of the most elegant experiments. What biological experiment do you consider as the most beautiful? Why?
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    Scientists and technicians

    How do you see the relationship between "scientists" and "technicians" ? Are differences among them due to knowledge or rather to social causes?
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    A topological question

    In my last post, I only posed two questions. I didn't any affirmation as you seems suggest with your "elegant" reply. Now, I ask you these other questions: 1. Do you really think that your answer is scientific? Are terms as "balogna" and "bunch of crap" solid arguments? 2. Do you...
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    Genetic relationships

    As in chess? That remember the classic prize to the chess inventor (although with negative exponent). In this case there would be a dilutional effect of similarities growing exponentially with the number of generations going back. I don't know which is the % of allelic variation among human...
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    A topological question

    But our universe could be also multiply-connected in absence of circles in the sky if the "cell" size were higher than our observable (horizon) universe. Is that o.k? If so, we couldn't know its topology. And... what do you think about the possibilities of repeated patterns in distribution...