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    Perpendicular Acceleration

    when a perpendicular force acting how it can take circular path.
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    Super conductors exhibit infinite current?

    super conductors exhibit infinite current?why
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    Can a dielectic MATERIAL IS A INSULATOR?

    When a dielectric material insert between two plate capacitors the conductivity may increase. Normally we talk that a dielectric is insulator?but how can it increases conductivity?
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    Newton's 2nd Law

    generally earth has some velocity.when it loss its path there is a chance to fll of world with out accelration.
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    Copper wire resistance problem

    i mean 9its diameter
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    Copper wire resistance problem

    it resistance will be increased by two times.
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    Milk In The Coffee

    i think, when u add milk first then it follows zeroth law of thermodynamis. then after some time it follows the law.but after waiting of 5 minutes there will be no distribution of heat.
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    Copper wire resistance problem

    its resistance will be increased.because R is always inversely proportional to length
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    Question on young's double experiment

    why we have to kept opaqe screen parllel to the two slits in young's double slit experiment?
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    Calculating equatorial velocity

    hi,friend in your equation how we have take a=g.that is for surface on earth and although 'g' is not constant at all.
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    Calculating equatorial velocity

    earth has both rectilinear and rotatory motion.but you take a=v^2/ your assumption is wrong.