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    Series solution to a PDE

    Nevermind, that way should work. However, you seem to have miscalculated your h_n. One trick you can do (if you have time and the ability to do so) is to plot the series (to a reasonable amount of terms) and see if it matches the function you're trying to represent. Anyway, you're actually on...
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    Series solution to a PDE

    Why are you saying that x sin(t)=\sum_{n=1}^{∞}h_n(t)sin(nx) ? What if you chose a solution that was periodic in time with an unknown function of x, rather than the other way around?
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    When everything looks equally interesting

    I'd say delve deeper into each subject and talk to people who have degrees in the things youre interested in. Know that you will your coursework will not necessarily reflect your work once you have a degree.
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    DC motor mounted on a glider which slides linearly on a frictionless surface

    If I'm understanding your description correctly, yes you should. What you're effectively doing is having it shift the center of mass of the system. It will "try to correct itself" by exhibiting reaction forces on the rest of the system to keep the center of mass constant. Based on what...
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    Meaning of (A dot nabla)B

    What you're talking about is called the Advective or Convective operator and describes the change in a property due to flow of continuous media (in Fluid Mechanics anyway). Char limit is correct. Don't worry about whether it makes sense or not the way it's written because it is essentially...
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    Engineering Women in Engineering and Computer Science

    In my experience, women get preference to men as far as getting jobs in Engineering. All the girls in my classes I know, even the ones who have sub-par GPA's got snatched up immediately when it came time to look for internships.
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    Is knowing a computer language vital for someone pursuing Theoretical Physics?

    I know a lot of physics researchers work with R and MATLAB, but I only know that because a few friends of mine work in Physics and Astronomy labs. I can't speak from personal experience or anything as to Theoretical Physics, but it never hurts to learn a good computer language. I personally...
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    Thermal Resistances

    Thermal resistances simplify problems wherein there is no heat generation within the system. If there is a KNOWN heat generation entering the system, like if you have a sliding block which is experiencing friction on one face, you can find the the heat flux on that side. But if it's like a wire...
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    Transition from pressurised envoronment to vaccum environment

    Where are you getting this notion that that sort of technology exists or even is anywhere near usable?
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    Relationship between differential and the operator

    Your professor is wrong. dx * d/dx = d. In words, the change [of something] per change in x times the change in x is the change [in the thing].
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    Mouse onto the edge of phonograph turntable

    There is a centripetal acceleration associated with rotation at constant angular velocity, a_c = \omega^2 r . So if my suspicions are correct, you can interpret that as a force that must be overcome, F_c = m \omega^2 r
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    Angular acceleration without rotation?

    This is also a kinematics problem, not an introductory physics problem, and involves using relative velocities.
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    Angular acceleration without rotation?

    It's not fixed at collar C, it's sliding through it. It if were fixed, there would be 0 degrees of freedom, and OB could not be rotating.
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    Basic circuit question (True/False)

    1 should be correct. As for 2, when the switch is closed, the total resistance goes from (1.5)R to (1.333)R. Less resistance means increasing the total current pulled from the voltage source. In fact, you can find the total open-switch current, iopen=V/(1.5R), and the closed-switch current...