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    Need to understand about the photoelectric effect

    ok sounds like i'm on the right track. Just a little more, if frequency is constant. Increase in intensity the same as increase in power will eject more electrons. How does that work, more energy per length of time is distributed over each electrons, so more electrons ejected right. Now how...
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    Need to understand about the photoelectric effect

    Hello my question involves what exactly is the frequency and intensity of the light. The E = hf applies to the photon particle aspect of light right? So where is f from, the wave aspect? Also increase f, which increases E makes the electrons eject faster in terms of kinetic energy right, but...
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    Another geo problem. I just need to make sure if i am on the right track [Broken] It's an equliteral triangle I'm suppose to find the area of the shaded region. first of all are the chords of each those regions half 5cm? Should I find the areas of the sectors and then subtract the areas of the triangles...
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    Length of the rope around two circles

    if i do use triangles, what length do i use, the radii and what else, i am almost there. and my nephew hasnt taken trig yet, not sure if i can be any of help if i explain to him.
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    Length of the rope around two circles [Broken] To determine the shortest rope that can be wrapped around the two circles any ideas? i have forgotten everything about geometry. My nephew asked me this
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    Light interference homework

    ok thank you so much now i can find the angle easily
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    Light interference homework

    ok ok i think i am remembering this now, and m would be 1 right for first null. when they say null they mean the minima fully destructive right
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    Light interference homework

    it's the one with the sin theta right or something right? please point me to the right track
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    Light interference homework

    the question is A plane wave of 400-nm light is incident on a 25-µm slit in a screen, as shown in the figure below. At what incident angle will the first null of the diffraction pattern be on a line perpendicular to the screen? [Broken] I...
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    The Fate Of The Neanderthals

    So whats the verdict today? Was there just not enough DNA samples to construct an accurate phylogenic tree, so we still use the fossils to do it?
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    Why don't untapped maple trees explode?

    is this even the right place ask this kind of question.
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    Hybridization survivors

    ask her again, and post it here. Oh by the way what is her background?
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    Hybridization survivors

    No, not the photoshop. You said your friend talked about hybrid animals. I want to know what is he talking about, or was he just joking around.
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    Hybridization survivors

    At this moment I would really like to know what hybrid animals are you taling about? Needbioinfo, who are the people that are doing this? Where were these experiments conducted?
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    Does anyone know what this is?

    ok ok sorry now I see the flagella. Could you tell me the magnification.