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    My first day in college in a few days

    facebook onwz. My first entire week was called WOW week, week of welcome at cal poly. We were in small groups with 2 leaders and we went on tours around campus, town went to the beach, some hot springs and did some group games. A ton of fun:cool:
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    Very simple motion problem, i just cant get it

    When the moving sidewalk at the airport is broken, as it often seems to be, it takes you 50 s to walk from your gate to baggage claim. When it is working and you stand on the moving sidewalk the entire way, without walking, it takes 75 s to travel the same distance. How long will it take if...
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    Bowling ball with air resistance problem

    nothing, that is the only info givin.
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    Bowling ball with air resistance problem

    A 22-cm-diameter bowling ball has a terminal speed of 85m/s. What is its mass. I get F=M(9.8). But then i dont know where to go from there or what to do with the 22 cm diameter :confused:
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    Work problem, deals with great pyramid

    this is a calc problem, but I thought it fits better here than in the math section since its homework. Here it goes: the great pyramid of cheops is 410 feet tall and 755 feet square at the base. find the volume of the pyramid using calculus. Part two: The stone used in constructing...
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    Rocket car problem, find final velocity.

    lol, yea I have the equations, but out of laziness I just used the ones in this thread :redface: , thanks for the help though :smile:
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    Rocket car problem, find final velocity.

    ok, i think my error came from using the following equation: x_f=x_i+v_i+\frac{1}{2}at^2 shouldnt there be t after the v_i
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    Rocket car problem, find final velocity.

    ok, I got 2169.05 m/s for the velocity as it passes the judges, can someone else do the problem and tell me what you get.
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    Rocket car problem, find final velocity.

    ok, so the two equations for the first interval is V_f1=9aand X_f1=40.5a Now im not sure if i plugged them in right, but I got 20.45 as A_1 Put 990 as X_f, 40.5a as X_1, 9a for V_1, then -5 as a_2 and 3 for deltaT_2
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    Rocket car problem, find final velocity.

    We have to solve this problem, but also do a write-up on it similiar to how the textbook gives example problems. Here is the problem: Your school science club has devised a special event for homecoming. You've attached a rocket to the rear of a small car. The rocket provides a constant...
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    Chasing a cart down an incline

    Jill has just gotten out of her car in the grocery store parking lot. The parking lot is on a hill and is tilted 3 degrees. Fifty meters downhill from Jill, a little old lady lets go of a fully loaded shopping cart. The cart, with frictionless wheels, starts to roll straight downhill. Jill...
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    Bolt falls off rocket, find rocket acceleration

    A rocket is launched straight up with constant acceleration. Four seconds after liftoff, a bolt falls off the side of the rocket. The bolt hits the ground 6.70 s later. Find the rockets acceleration. I dont understand how to set up this problem, ive never done something like this ...