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    I Can someone fact check my speech about BH?

    Good luck with your project, Peter. Black holes are fascinating.
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    I If the universe is truly infinite in size...

    The theory is that our universe started with the Big Bang. You're now saying it's possible the entire universe could have started infinite. If so. then how was the infinite universe started?
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    What was your first computer?

    A Panasonic Business Partner in '93. Loved that machine.
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    Mind boggling machine learning results from AlphaZero

    I love chess. But I don't see the appeal in playing a game against a machine, knowing you're going to lose. Chess is an exercise for the mind. There is no benefit knowing the inevitable outcome is failure. I do, however, see a huge significance for science. Imagine a machine that can tell...
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    Mag. 8 & 7 Earthquakes - Mexico 08/09/2017 & 19/09/2017

    Great information, everyone.
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    B Age of the universe: observable or entire universe?

    Is there any genuine proof of the 'Big Bang Theory' or are we dealing with, as the name says, merely a theory? Is there anything to prove what was here before the BBT? I keep thinking of hypothesis through the ages, ie; the world was flat, the earth was the center of the universe, etc., etc...
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    5.8 Magnitude earthquake hits Montana

    In the early '80s, an earthquake hit Oregon (I believe it destroyed a school) and it was felt with a strong force in Montana. I remember it clearly. Our entire house rocked. We were in Kalispell (northwest), Montana.
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    Another Earth-like system near us

    Just an out-there question. Is it possible another earth could be in our own orbit in such a position that we never see it?
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    A LIGO Was It All Just Noise?

    Since the black hole merger was a billion light years away, isn't it probable the event actually happened a billion or millions of light years ago?
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    Should we invest in Mars Exploration

    I don't see a real purpose. Mars is pretty much a dead planet. True, there may be water beneath the surface, but nothing grows. I think most of us believe that Mars may have thrive at one time. millions or even billions of years ago, but it's pretty useless now. I don't see a real reason to...
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    I Space station artificial gravity - how to spin up to speed?

    Has anyone considered doing penetrating ground radar? Is it possible the moon or mars has fossil fuel like we do? If so couldn't that be used to run the artificial gravity mechanism?
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    Ideas for refrigerator door design

    The idea of glass doors is so-so. As a woman and a mom who raised a lot of children (and cooked a gillion meals) those would be okay, but there are more important things to women of any age; pull out shelves and drawers in both fridge and freezer, or even revolving shelves. Most women face...
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    Physics Physics job with flexible schedule?

    What degrees are required?
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    What kind of fossil is this or is it a fossil

    I think it looks like veins of some kind of metal. I'm pretty sure it's not a fossil. But it's a cool rock. I would have kept it, too.
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    B Black Holes & Dark Energy

    I wonder if science and/or industry will ever be able to create a video camera that would remain intact so we can find out exactly what happens inside, or what causes black holes or spheres.