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    I Dependence of friction on area.

    Can you give me a link to these models?
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    I Dependence of friction on area.

    Hello Guys, I have been pondering on the nature of the frictional force and its dependency on the area of contact for the past few days and I had already searched for plausible explanations for the same.Although I could gather a few discrete points ,I couldn't get a complete picture of it. Some...
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    Molar volume and surface tension of nanoparticle

    As far as Surface tension is concerned,It is a concept that is applicable only to surfaces that separate two fluids.There is no such thing applicable for solids.However,you can find the ST of a nano-fluid once you suspend the particles in the fluid.
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    Pump has a suction lift of more than 10.3 m

    As I was going through a course on Hydraulics, there was a brief explanation about how the atmospheric pressure can only support a water column of 10.3 m.A few more points that are prerequisite to the discussion are as follows 1)A fluid cannot be pulled;it has to be pushed. 2)A centrifugal...
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    Fibres vs Solid

    Consider a steel rod of diameter 'd'. If the same rod is broken up into strands and arranged parallel to one another so as to form a new rod of the same diameter 'd' ,Which will have a higher load bearing capacity?. Instead of being arranged parallel , If they are made into a rope of similar...
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    Stress and strain

    Im currently studying a course on the mechanics of solids..the reference book i use is by Popov..But i cant completely understand the concept of stress in an axial loading.Like for instance. If a weight W acts on a rod(ignore the rod's weight),stress will vary point to point along the...
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    Correct definition of time dilation

    Can someone give me the correct definition of time dilation(or explain it in such a way that it can be used to tackle any problem)?? What i believe now is "a moving clock ticks more slowly than a clock at rest"..but according to me this is inadequate because there can be two situations...
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    Phase velocity

    why is the phase velocity(c^2/v) greater than c?? since v<c it should be greater than c.. how does this happen?
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    Time dilation-doubts

    im more confused about the role of clocks...and the connection between these times(t1,t2,t3,t4)
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    Time dilation-doubts

    Can anyone explain about time dilation in a simple way? I am confused about these facts: 1) If an observer A at rest relative to a moving spacecraft sees an event e1 in the space craft and measures the time interval to be t1 on his clock and t2 on the clock in the spacecraft...
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    Exact differential equations

    How can i solve differential equations that are reducible to exact form? please explain each method. thanks
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    Tough differential equation

    i tried to solve this question in all the ways i knew but it wouldnt work ..please help xy^2dy/dx + y = x^2 i tried to solve it by using linear first order differential equation technique and also by using different exact and reducable exact differential equaions... help me
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    Time dilation and length contraction

    can both time dilation and length contraction occur for the same observer??? i dont think it is possible since then c=reduced length/increased time which is impossible(since c is constant)... Am i wrong?
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    What is the difference between relative velocity and resultant velocity?

    relative velocity and resultant velocity???also in a connected(with strings) pulley system,how can we calculate the acceleration and velocities of the pullies and the masses connected onto it???
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    I just dont get the idea on how to do this [projectile motion]

    i dont know how this works.....when a body is projected at an angle "theta" with the horizontal above a height 'h'...what is its maximum height and maximum range???should i just treat it as two separate motions or is there another way to do it....i can solve if it is just a parabolic projection...