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    Got Halo 2?

    or getting it. I am but I'll be damned if I let it destroy my focus on school. In part that's probably why Halo 2 and Chessmaster are the only games I will be playing the rest of this year and far into 2k5 maybe. Sad really when a video game is threatening to take my focus. What happened to...
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    News What is the Faith?

    I heard that's what won the election for Bush. What exactly do these people that voted for him have faith in? God Pro-life No to same sex marriage what else?
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    News Useless youth

    Kerry should of had Britney Spears as VP.
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    Hip Hop Fans

    You could always get De La's greatest hits. I like Blackilicious is real good. The quannam guys are good. Mos Def and Talib have new one's out. I like Mos Def alot.
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    Hip Hop Fans

    The new De La Soul is good as well
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    I've dumped video games for physics

    LOL, it's possible but highly unlikely. :biggrin:
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    Can I do drugs and still do well?

    Why the heck is your life too depressing?
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    Am I being punked? (Physics problem)

    300 m/s So for the problem, every 5 seconds is 1 mile. 1 mile = 1.61 km = 1610 meters. That's 322 meters per second which is about 300 m/s. Whoa DUDES! Thanks a lot, I'm on the road to my noble prize!!!!
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    Am I being punked? (Physics problem)

    This was problem 7 in the homework from the 2nd chapter(Kinematics in one dimension) of my physics book: According to a rule of thumb, every five seconds between a lightening flash and the following thunder gives the distance of the storm in miles. Assuming the flash of light arrives in...
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    Getting high

    Unless the ten foot pole is a pipe
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    Whats your major?

    Haha, I just got liquid swords a couple a days ago.
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    Whats your major?

    Wow, I'm impressed. How the heck do you all manage your time?
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    I've dumped video games for physics

    Also, Tatum. I would recommend something to you. Every once in awhile, maybe once or twice a week, attempt a very difficult problem Thanks. It's funny because I was going to post a physics problem I was having trouble with but now I think I'll just think about it and go over it again.
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    I've dumped video games for physics

    I've dumped video games for physics.... and chemistry and calculus. Basically I'm concentrating on school and surprisingly having fun with this stuff. Especially Physics. Isn't that cool? :smile: