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    Physics audio and video lectures

    This seems like a nice E&M series. (and some other stuff) They are in the ECE folder. It starts with electrostatics and culminates in a graduate level course, 740. [Broken]...
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    Physics audio and video lectures

    Physics... NOT a comprehensive list. * Statistical Mechanics (recorded hours: 78) * Mathematical Methods (recorded hours: 96) * Classical Mechanics (recorded hours: 40) * Quantum Mechanics (recorded hours: 108) * Advanced...
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    Physics audio and video lectures

    Here are some of the math courses... * Foundations of Mathematical Analysis (recorded hours: 20) * Introduction to Ordinary Differential Equations (recorded hours: 10) * Calculus on Rn (recorded hours: 20) * Complex Analysis (recorded...
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    Physics audio and video lectures

    Sankaku, you have discovered the Mother Lode. That is an outstanding resource. Thanks for posting. For others who go there looking for lectures, there are more in the "archives" section.
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    Learning Lagrangian Mechanics

    I just found this series of lectures that appears to be on the subject of Lagrangian dynamics. I have not watched them yet so I don't know if they are any good. By the way, I had to install this codec (TSCC) before I could get the video to work...
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    Computer modeling of physical systems

    I am thinking about ways to model physical systems. An example of the type of problem I want to look at would be the response of sound waves to a series of resonators. Here is a java applet of a ripple tank, which is along the lines of what I am thinking of.
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    Math graphics publishing software

    What graphics publishing tools are commonly used for textbooks, journals, etc? (I am thinking of the 3D plots one might find in a calculus book, things like that) It seems like Mathematica, Maple, and Matlab are great for plotting, but are they also suitable for publishing? They don't seem to...
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    Climate change due to combustion of fossil fuels

    Has anyone ever researched what contribution, if any, the actual combustion of fossil fuels contributes to global warming? If you added up all the BTU's of energy which have been released in the last few decades, would it add up to something or is it negligible? Of course, all motion due to...
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    Leonard Susskind : Quantum Mechanics

    QM lectures: [Broken]
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    The magnetic field in Stern-Gerlach

    Why doesn't the electron "flip"? I know this thread is older than the hills... Why doesn't the "bar magnet" (the electron) "flip" if the poles are "backwards", which would have the consequence of showing one deflected beam instead of two? I would intuitively expect the force pushing the...
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    Sidney Coleman Lectures Free on the Net

    I love how he pauses to light up a smoke a couple minutes into the first lecture. Times have changed! It is right after his joke about stealing library books, where he demonstrates he has a laugh worthy of a world class physicist. I hadn't heard of him before, but it appears he was well loved...
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    MIT gives free physics course

    Using Firefox, there is an add-on extension called DownloadHelper that allows you to "easily" download youtube videos into .flv format. But I wish they would put them up in a torrent....
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    Layman's explanation wanted

    A starting point For my listening enjoyment during holiday travels, I spun "Particle Physics for Non-physicists" from the teaching company. In chapter 14, the section on symmetry breaking, there was a quote that seemed to fit this topic.
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    Layman's explanation wanted

    Sorry, my comment about "letters, followed by parenthesis with numbers inside" was a weak attempt at humor. I do actually know they are groups. I was trying to magnify my ignorance of the issue in a self-deprecating way. Isn't that funny!! Also, my comment about the "formal language" was...
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    Layman's explanation wanted

    Your post implies that I am highly confused :smile: I thought I was approaching a verbal understanding, but in reality I am either highly confused or have done a poor job communicating my "gaps". I don't want to wreck a good thread, so I will happily shut-up if I am taking the thread down the...