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    Fusion and Renewable Energy Education Paths

    IMHO, there is a worse job market for people with PhDs focused in pure fusion research than Physics PhDs. There isn't a huge amount of domestic funding in Fusion research that doesn't relate to defense applications.
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    Which B.S. from UC Davis to support NucE from UC Berkeley?

    Engineering degrees in Mechanical, Chemical, Material Science, and Computer Science could set you up appropriately for PhD to pursue nuclear engineering research. Additionally degrees in either chemistry or physics could as well, but it is very dependent on the research and the department. A lot...
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    Thermal Hydraulic Calculations using NS

    1) Both use Navier-stokes, but its how system codes solve the equations vs. CFD codes. Also, the problems fundamentally look at different things. System codes look at a much larger picture (full primary system) in only 1 or 2-D. Whereas CFD codes solve for much smaller picture (a single pump or...
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    Nuclear Engineering from Physics

    I argue you should be fine. There are plenty of nuclear engineering graduate schools out there and your profile seems competitive at a glance. Most schools will not see the physics degree as a issue. Sending personal letters to the graduate school will probably not help your case. Most...
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    Nuclear Engineering from Physics

    In general, most nuclear engineering graduate schools will accept a student with a physics background as long as they have a competitive profile. You may have to take remedial classes in reactor physics and others depending on the program. Otherwise just apply and see what happens. Also, you...
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    Nuclear energy: for or against?

    Except that's not the reason why they decommission plants. They decommission end of life plants from the components reaching the end of their usefulness in regards to structural integrity and dropping in efficiency. They same reason why they decommission coal or natural gas or any other type of...
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    Nuclear energy: for or against?

    Do you have any sources for this information? Otherwise you sound like any other anti-nuke.
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    Schools General GRE Math Score Importance to Engineering Schools

    Plain and simple, the math quantitative section's importance depends on the graduate schools in question. Each one values it differently. Some schools will weight them heavier than others. Please note: The GRE quantitative portion is not any math you have not experienced already. It is...
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    Fukushima Contaminated water from Fukushima

    He does not even list a single source for his information that isn't another news source. He pulls information from another journalist who is completely biased against nuclear energy. This article should not be treated as valid information and that is not a good website to look at for news...
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    Nuclear Engineering Graduate Programs

    Most nuclear engineering graduate schools will have a few researcher (see professors) who have research in either "advanced" reactor designs or new fuels. For example, Georgia Tech has a grant to develop a new Ultra Safe Light Water Reactor...
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    Physics I Need Guidance in Becoming a Nuclear Physicist

    I recommend you start looking at studying basic physics through modern physics (no rush, just try and understand it the best you can) and work on mathematics of algebra/trigonometry through calculus and differential equations. That will provide a really good foundation for your course work (if...
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    Physics I Need Guidance in Becoming a Nuclear Physicist

    Do you want to do nuclear physics work like this: Or nuclear engineering:
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    Yucca Mountain viability for nuclear waste

    I've heard some murmurs of recycling in USA isn't economically feasible either. Do you know anything related to this?
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    Programs What to major in when looking to work with nuclear energy

    Just an FYI, if you truly wish to work with Nuclear Fusion (see ITER like you mentioned) expect to be in a research career your entire life. Also, USA (I'm assuming you're from America) is partially defunding its fusion research programs (MIT's fusion reactor is getting cut out of the budget I...
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    Post Your Summer/Fall 2013 Class Schedules

    First semester of graduate school: Numerical Heat Transfer & Fluid Flow Nuclear Reactor Theory