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    What happened to me? I have lost my love for Physics

    About two years ago I started to love Physics, it was inspired by many things, but mainly the book Contact by Carl Sagan. I began lurking on this website - reading posts, reading books and expressing the odd childish theory aswell :smile: I then chose my A-levels. I chose Maths, Further Maths...
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    Help with Kevlar

    I am doing a materials presentation on Kevlar and I decided to test the material with mallets, hammers and baseball bats. For some reason when I felt the material afterwards it felt crumpled, and when I held it to the light it revealed large cracks. Why is this?
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    Where too now?

    I found 2 good websites on medical physics, for the US: and UK: [Broken]
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    Where too now?

    Oh dear, well if I had to choose now I would do physics, ideally end up doing something like medical physics as my teacher thinks that you can earn a lot there. Although I heard it's mainly an office job :( Anyway I'm sure the uni would let you swap from engineering to physics or vice versa if...
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    If God exists outside of all laws, . . . .

    What fuss? I don't understand. :confused:
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    Basic optics (GCSEs in 3 days, please help)

    It's to do with light travelling slower when it enters a denser medium. If it strikes the curved edge then one end of the light ray will travel slower through the glass while the other is travelling at the original velocity through the air. This causes the light to turn towards the normal of...
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    If God exists outside of all laws, . . . .

    If God exists outside of his own laws, the laws of science, then he exists outside of our reality, therefore he is not real. Claiming that you know God does or doesn't exist makes you moronic then, right?
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    Where too now?

    I have the similiar dilemma to yours, i'm worried that if I study engineering i wont be able to follow up my interests in quantum mechanics, einsteins theories and the universe! etc. But I'm also worried that if I do a physics degree i'll end up in a random career that I don't like. Sorry I...
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    Wave functions

    Why is it that when observing an electron or photon it causes the wave function to collapse, surely the photons that cause this collapse were still "colliding" with it when we wern't looking. Or does it only collapse the wave function from the observers viewpoint? (I'm abit of a noob so if...
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    Year 4000

    we'll all be dead
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    What is Infinity?

    Is is right to say that infinity is the number of straight lines in a circle's circumference, infinity + 1 is just increasing the circle's circumference by one (or radius?)?
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    Is there much money in physics?

    I've just realised that I'm not interested in medicine in the slightest I'm just attracted to being "A Doctor". That's just stupid so I'm just gunna follow my interests, who cares about saving lives... Thanks for the advice
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    Measurements problem - QED

    maybe vacuum energy causes the interferance pattern!!! (i'm excited) someone tell me if I'm a genius
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    Mind of an Artist?

    "Go ahead and post the "real expert opinion"." I think you misunderstand...i'm asking the question.
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    Mind of an Artist?

    There must be a better reason than society limiting women from becoming brilliant artists (composers aswell). Society didn't stop some farm girl from leading french armies to war in the 15th century why would it stop them paint or compose??? I think everyone is too scared that a real expert...