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    Today I learned

    a lot about myself and that some people, who I thought were stupid, are actually much smarter than me! :)
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    How to deal with a rejection?

    Thank you guys for your advice and suggestions. All this was so enlightening! :)
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    How to deal with a rejection?

    Thank you all for your inputs. I guess I'll have to be a little more creative. :)
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    How to deal with a rejection?

    Yes sometimes this is really the case. For instance, the girl in my opening post later got my number from one of her friends...
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    How to deal with a rejection?

    Nice. I wonder why I've never thought about that one. It does sound a little cheesy though. And what if she didn't smile?
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    How to deal with a rejection?

    Hi all, it's been a long time since I last posted on PF. I think I need some help regarding the following. Thanks in advance for the input. (I hope I'm not being awkward...) Well, I've heard a lot about the general pieces of advice about how to approach girls/women: be confident, be polite ...
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    A first course in Calculus by Lang

    The new editions do give epsilon-delta proofs in the appendix, I believe.
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    How do i gain intuition to learn and remember physics?

    Though Newton's laws are essential to learn physics, they are not needed in order to understand why centripetal acceleration = v2/r. This is simple kinematics and calculus (and geometry).
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    Why are bugs so reckless near danger?

    To me, it sounds more like he enjoys experimenting with the bug's reactions. No need to make him feel guilty about it; there are billions of bugs out there, and he's squashing less than 0.0001% of them. :tongue2::biggrin::rofl:
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    How not to get bored when self-studying?

    Hello PF, I hope that I'm not repeating an old thread; I've searched for this thread in here, and could not find any. So, on to my problem then: I've been self-studying from a few math textbooks for a while now. But, the problem is that I quickly get bored while working through the...
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    How did Einstein earn his PhD?

    Haha. Good one.
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    What is division?

    This doesn't work quite smoothly for division by real numbers or fractions in general. It's still a good perspective for natural numbers nevertheless.
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    What is division?

    If you are happy with your "meaning" of multiplication but not with the one for division, why don't you view division from a multiplication perspective? For example: x/y = k is the same as saying x = ky. That is x/y is that number by which you multiply y in order to get x.
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    Batman physics

    Haha, true say!
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    Is mathematics for me?

    For now, I find elementary number theory, counting, graph theory (introductory), and euclidean geometry extremely appealing, so yeah I guess I might have an inclination for combinatorics. In comparison, I am uncomfortable when dealing with any mathematical object that is too abstract; to...