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    Schools Graduating in 3 years - less competitive for graduate school?

    Hi PFers! I'm physics major in a big state school and I plan to go to graduate school. Due to some financial difficulties, I'm seriously considering graduating in three years. I can finish the classes required in three years pretty easily, but I won't have chance to take some more...
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    Undergrad research: junior or senior faculty?

    Let say you now have a chance to choose an advisor for undergraduate research. would you choose a junior or a senior faculty? It seems that junior faculties (esp those haven't got tenure yet) would be more "hard-working" and very research oriented, so may be more productive. But senior faculties...
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    LaTeX LaTeX and Vista

    From what I have read from the web, it seems that a number of LaTeX-editors cannot work properly with Windows Vista. Actually which editor is better for vista? Thank you~
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    Are there any research opportunities in fluid dynamics?

    I am very interested in fluid dynamics. Are there any research opportunities in fluid dynamics? And what should I major in undergrad? Thanks.
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    Nuclear Engineering - International Students

    how about finding NE related jobs in US?
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    Nuclear Engineering - International Students

    Hi every one! I got a question about studying nuclear engineering. Will international students encounter any difficulties when studying NE in US due to its sensitive nature? I am quite interested in NE, but I am afraid that there would be a lot of restrictions for international students in...