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    Admissions Taking 3 courses per semester and graduate admission

    I can't find the edit button so I am writing this here. P.S. Would you say 4 courses per semester look much better than 3 courses?
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    Should i switch from BS in math to MS in Engineering ?

    I am not sure where you plan to reside, but in Canada, you must hold a Professional Engineer designation in order to legally work as an engineer (for most jobs, excluding software engineering), for which you need to have a bachelor's degree in engineering from an accredited institution. But if...
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    Admissions Taking 3 courses per semester and graduate admission

    Thanks for the reply! I could easily fill in "birdy" elective courses (like music or introductory french) to make a full time course load, I am just seeing if I could save $3k by spreading my last 10 courses over two years. Other than that there is no particular reason for taking three courses...
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    Pursue a Masters in Comp Sci immediately after BS Math?

    I'm almost certain that most grad schools, if not all, require courses in data structures, algorithms, databases, operating systems, computer architectures, (although it's might not be necessary to include all of these core courses) and additionally senior-level specialized courses.
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    Admissions Taking 3 courses per semester and graduate admission

    Hello forum, I will be an undergrad senior majoring in mathematics. Instead of taking the ordinary 5-course workload, I am thinking of doing 3 courses per semester and postpone graduation by an year. But I am wondering if by doing so my graduate application is going to be affected negatively. I...
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    Non-Academic career for Molecular Biology PhD?

    I'm still curious. What is (the) answer to this question?
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    Getting involved with research without graduate degree?

    Hello, I am studying mathematics and biology as an undergrad. I have always want to do a PhD, but due to having a B- average, I need to set up a realistic plan, (i.e, not going to grad school and try to find a job) although I have not given up hope entirely. I am seriously interested in aging...
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    Prove that alpha = aleph_alpha where

    Define alpha_0 = 0, alpha_n+1 = aleph_alpha_n. Let alpha = sup{alpha_n : n is a natural number). Prove that alpha = aleph_alpha. My attempt: As alpha <= aleph_alpha is obvious, I've been trying to prove the other direction of inequality, so that being both <= and >= implies =, but now I'm not...
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    Well-orderings are rigid proof

    Thank you very much!. In fact, the book did say "Consider the case when f(a) < a".
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    Well-orderings are rigid proof

    Hi I've been trying to understand this proof, but there is one step that I don't get at all. Proof: Suppose f is an automorphism of (E,<=). Consider a set D, a set of non-fixed points under f. If D is empty, f is an identity mapping. Suppose, toward a contradiction, that D is nonempty. Then D...
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    Non-Academic career for Molecular Biology PhD?

    Certainly, IF I study computer science/applied math/statistics. But technically I will be studying under the department of biology, so I am not sure if companies will like this. Lots of postings on websites exclusively looking for CS majors :/
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    Non-Academic career for Molecular Biology PhD?

    I will be focusing on bioinformatics and computational biology (i.e. a lot of programming in Python and I am fairly proficient in C++) where most universities offer as a collaborative degree. But I will be around 30 when I graduate, I am not sure if software companies want to hire a 30-year-old...
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    Is this a BS in applied math?

    I think that is a nice "core" curriculum of an applied math degree. You can add courses like control theory, combinatorics/graph theory, various statistics courses, etc to specialize
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    Non-Academic career for Molecular Biology PhD?

    Hello everyone, I will be entering my third year of university majoring in applied math and biology. I am currently looking for graduate school opportunities. My interest leans slightly towards the biology side but I am terribly worried about not getting a decent job after graduation if I do...
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    Courses suggestions for a finance-wannabe?

    Is learning C++ to some extent going to help with an actuarial career? At this point I am not sure of quantitative finance, but I read somewhere that any business job for math majors requires some knowledge in C++.