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    Question Regarding Society of Physics Students

    So I joined the Society of Physics Students during my sophomore year of college, and I am a junior right now. I am wondering, how long does my membership of the society last? Do I have to renew it in the future if I so choose or is it for life? Thanks.
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    Graphing Problem in Mathematica

    Homework Statement I would like to graph the following program. Homework Equations L = 1.0; \[Kappa] = 1.; Num = 80; \[CapitalDelta]z = L/Num; td = (\[CapitalDelta]z*\[CapitalDelta]z)/(2*\[Kappa]); \ \[CapitalDelta]t = 1.01*td; r = (\[CapitalDelta]t/(2*td)); Temp[0] = 10...
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    Programs Trouble Deciding Majors

    Hello. I am going into my second year of undergraduate education. I was originally planning to double major in physics and mathematics, and afterwards pursue a PhD in physics. However, I am currently undecided due to career prospects since the field is now difficult for both academia and...