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    Need help from the Big Brains

    buoyancy There is basically no difference in the gas you use for buoyancy in water. This is because one cubic unit of a gas weighs so much less than the same volume of liquid, that you would be affecting the difference in buoyant force by no more than the difference in the weights of the gases...
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    Gas Problem Dealing with Explosives

    explosives Although my gas laws education is basic, I can say that you are dealing with too many variables to solve the problem here. The thing is, as already mentioned, you don't know so many things about the room itself. for example, how would you know at which pressure the room would be...
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    Faster than light?

    neutrino Are you sure the neutrino travels at under the speed of light? Everywhere I erad, it said it travels at the speed of light. So could you please give me your source for that? thanks.
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    Friction Area?

    SGT is exactly on the spot with the answer.
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    I read in a magazine

    As I know, the life forms in a 2 (space) dimentional space could never become complex for the simple reason that a 2-dimentional life form with a mouth and a bottom would split in half. However, something like an amoeba could still possibly exist. I think read this from a book by Michio Kaku. I...
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    A rocket engine roblem

    Thank you all very much for the information provided. It is very helpful. Sorry about asking for so many zeros. I guess I got carried away. I now have just one question left. Does anyone know a place where I could find the functions for Cv values? Thanks.
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    A rocket engine roblem

    One more thing: I have been given approximate Cp and Cv values twice already, but I need numbers and functions accurate to at least 2 zeros, thank you
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    A rocket engine roblem

    Currently, I am trying to find the optimal O/F ratio for H2 and O2 in terms of maximal gas escape velocities. I have researched Cp, and Cv values for H2O and H2 extensively, yet I can not find a function of their values depending on temperature. Does anyone know where I could find functions of...
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    Faster than light?

    All known forces travel at the speed of light. All known particles travel at or under the speed of light. All massless particles travel at the speed of light. The neutrino, which is now thought to have mass, travels at the speed of light too. The existence of certain particles called "tachyons"...
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    Gas Problem Dealing with Explosives

    You might have some problems figuring out how many and what kind of explosives have been used simply because there are too many variables that you don't know. For example, the formula: PV=nRT means that the pressure in a chamber will vary with temperature. Also, you do not state what the...
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    Function for Cp/Cv for H2O(g) accurate to 3000 K

    Does anyone know the function for Cp/Cv for H2O(g) accurate to 3000 K ? I would greatly appreciate any replies.
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    Cp/Cv Value for H2O and H2

    I need to find out the Cp/Cv value for Water Vapor and Hydrogen gas at 2755 K and a molar ratio of: H2O/H2:48.6112/62.5 I would at least like the Cv and Cp values for water vapor at 2755 K. A correct answer will be greatly appreciated.
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    Rocket Engine Design

    Advice Not to discourage you, but it is obvious that you have NO IDEA OF WHAT YOU ARE REALLY DOING! This may sound coincidental, but I too am a junior designing a liquid fuel rocket engine. I have done research and calculations on rockets and rocket engines for over a year now. I have also...