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Suggest to me which engineering major should I go for

  1. Aug 22, 2016 #1
    I am currently in a high school IB student with Physics, Chemistry and Maths as HL.
    I want to take up a career in nuclear engineering but not as a researcher instead I want to solve real life problems and work in a power plant or a shipyard which makes nuclear-powered submarines and ships.
    I do not want to study for the next 10 years of my life instead I want to start working after my undergraduate or postgraduate but not a PHD.
    So can you please suggest me which engineering major should I go for ?
    If possible can you also suggest some good college which I can afford ( $15k-20k including living cost for international students)
    Thanks in advance
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    Mechanical. And you should be able to find a decent university without having to go to another country.
    Why don't I suggest nuclear? We do have that degree in the US. However, many of the jobs you want would not be available to a foreign national. However a power plant in any country has need for a mechanical engineer. And any marine industry also has need for mechanical engineering. And If nuclear is available, you might be able to get onto the worksite with your mechanical. Without a nuclear industry, you won't find work vs a mechanical engineer would have a good chance of working in all of the above fields as is.
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    Thanks for your answer.

    As an IB student in India, I have no other option, I have to apply in a university outside India.
    My dad is suggesting me to take electrical with computer science because it has more scope. Is a job in the nuclear energy field still possible with an undergraduate in Electrical engineering? And is it still possible to do a postgraduate in nuclear engineering after my undergraduate in Electrical engineering
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    jim hardy

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    Why not ?

    two suggestions come to mind

    See this thread:

    take a look at this school, it's where i went in 1960's because it was both affordable and respected in the US midwest.
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