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  1. S

    Face shield bleach disinfection

    Faceshield or respirators are getting to be as common as masks in public. What kind of bleach in basin can theoretically kill the covid virus? What should be the concentration of bleach and now does it kill it?
  2. ZapperZ

    Medical Using Far-UVC Light To Kill Airborne Human Coronaviruses

    I know that there are at least a couple of threads related to COVID-19 scattered over PF, but I want to get a specific feedback on this latest research in terms of human health and safety. This paper was published in Nature, and it presented a rather fascinating result if it is true. The...
  3. Andrew Mason

    Remdesivir - a possible treatment for COVID-19?

    For anyone following Remdesivir as a treatment for COVID 19: this New England Journal of Medicine report on Gilead's remdesivir and this NIH/NCBI article explain how it works. The NIH paper has a nice chart showing how different drugs might interfere with viral replication. The recent phase 3...
  4. J

    Coronavirus reported cases/deaths pattern (why fewer on weekends?)

    Maybe this is a dumb question, but why are there fewer reported Covid-19 cases and deaths on weekends?
  5. jim mcnamara

    Covid-19 in nursing homes- fatalities seem high New Mexico(USA) as of 29 April had 48 deaths out of 166 positive tests. All were nursing home patients, and a majority of the fatalities are clustered in two nursing home...
  6. neilparker62

    Is low dose radiation therapy a potential treatment for COVID-19? What's the relevant science here ? Would just like to hear a bit more as to whether it holds out any meaningful prospects for treatment of Covid 19.
  7. hagopbul

    Statistics of SARS-Cov-2

    Hello all: Hope all are fine and well , there is this question in relation to corona virus problem : Do any one checked if the patients have any immunity related illnesses with the patients of SARS-Cov-2 Where I can find those statistics Best regards Stay safe
  8. P

    Coronaviruses in Malayan pangolins

    " Here, we report the identification of SARS-CoV-2-related coronaviruses in Malayan pangolins (Manis javanica) seized in anti-smuggling operations in southern China. " How is it that Malayan pangolins would be tested at all for the China Virus? Is it common practice to examine any smuggled...
  9. scottdave

    IBM Summit supercomputer working on possible compounds to combat coronavirus

    I saw a link to this article, after reading about IBM's effort to provide COBOL training to assist some of the country's ailing government computers. I was impressed by the specs of this supercomputer. It makes the Wargames computer look like a toaster...
  10. GiriBang

    Quarantine takes toll on alcoholics

    Summary:: Seriousness of withdrawal symptoms Since, the people who went to buy alcohol didn't follow social distancing, all the bars were shut down. As a result, many committed suicide, some started brewing alcohols illegally, some like this v...
  11. Andrew Mason

    Testing a population for Coronavirus - Minimizing the number of tests

    Germany has been testing in groups of 10. In a high risk population where p=1/100 this requires, on average, 196 tests to test 1000 people. In a moderate risk population, it requires 109 tests to test 1000 people. But if they were to test in groups of 32 in such a population one would need only...
  12. Jarvis323

    Misc. Unsuitable Materials for DIY Coronavirus Masks

    As you all know, everyone is in a mad DIY mask rush right now as it has become an official recommendation. Some have been searching for the best materials, and some of them have been found to be great filters. However, these non-standard mask materials are also not tested and evaluated for use...
  13. P

    Is the Coronavirus Primarily a Human Virus?

    I keep wondering why we do not know more about the virus? How hard is it to expose some mice to Coronavirus and see what happens? Then I considered that perhaps the virus is primarily a human virus and does not effect other life forms like lab mice. There have been cases with dogs and the...
  14. T

    Medical ‘Possible Achilles heel’ in the coronavirus

    The folks at Scripps Institute and at The University of Hong Kong have found an antibody target on SARS-CoV-2 similiar to the one on SARS-CoV (the 2002 SARS outbreak). They are looking for recovered COVID-19 volunteers, see bottom of this post or the San Diego Union article. The full article in...
  15. hagopbul

    Medical Covid-19 fatal effects

    Hello all: hope you are all well . as i am looking into reasons of death from covid-19 i could see that pneumonia , is a major reason of death , but what kind of pneumonia ? i couldnt find on the internet is it only viral pneumonia or mix of types ? Best Hagop
  16. .Scott

    Medical COVID ARDS Diagnostic Tool - Age is not best indicator. N=53

    An article published Monday in "Computers, Materials, & Continua" identifies leading indicators of which patients will go on to develop ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome). From the abstract: Among the features identified as possible indicators: A pdf of the full article can be...
  17. B

    Is hydrogen peroxide effective against the corona virus?

    If oxygen is effective against bacteria virus and cancer why isn't it used against coved-19? DMSO is known to bond with certain substances and could carry HP into the blood stream and kill off COVID-19.
  18. jim mcnamara

    Policy for pandemic issues and how models shape it This shows how policy can be informed about differing effects of control policies in different environments. One of the bleak aspects of UK choices is shown as a graph...
  19. The Coronavirus Curve Simulation - Numberphile

    The Coronavirus Curve Simulation - Numberphile

    Ben Sparks uses to explain (and code) the so-called SIR Model being used to predict the spread of cornavirus (COVID-19). A pretty cool way to visualize a set of differential equations.
  20. JD_PM

    Medical Are hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin the key against COVID-19?

    Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin have been reported (By SEOM, Sociedad Española de Oncología Médica, by US President and others) to be a promising combination to treat COVID-19. A study leaded by French doctor Didier Raoult has yielded the following results: Why could such a...
  21. berkeman

    Medical Innovations to help COVID-19 treatment efforts

    I didn't see a thread so far in the Medical forum that addressed the specific innovations that are being worked on to help combat this pandemic, so I thought I'd start this thread. There is a thread about trying to use a single ventilator to serve multiple critical Patients (Pts) in ICU, but...
  22. berkeman

    Connecting 2-4 Patients to the Same Ventilator

    How does this work? Do you just parallel the tubing to the ET tubes? Or is there more to it? Seems like a risky move, but in these times, it may be necessary... From the link in the article...
  23. S

    Medical Covid-19 Prevention/Mitigation

    The goal is to 'flatten the curve' in terms the spread of Covid-19/corona virus. Hence, what about recommending effective gargling (3 times or more daily) with an anti-septic like Cepacol or Listerine (alcohol version) and going to the source of the problem, which is the throat/oro-pharynx? The...
  24. nomadreid

    Johns Hopkins Global Security Index

    I emphasize that I am not posing a rhetorical question, and am not trying to make a political statement (and would ask all respondents to steer clear of politics), but would genuinely appreciate knowing whether the report in question is considered valid by those in the field who are impartial...
  25. Grinkle

    Medical Effectiveness of early COVID-19 treatments

    Do we have data to give any perspective on these questions regarding COVID-19 victims - If a patient is deemed to need a respirator, what is the expected morbidity for them at that time if they are put on a respirator? I assume that without a respirator, the morbidity is close to 100%. Is...
  26. K

    Coronavirus death toll estimations

    I was looking for projections on how many will die from the new virus. Unfortunately I found only this site but it is outdated as you can see. Perhaps it is because I'm not in the US? So that makes Google hide me a lot of...
  27. Tghu Verd

    Did any novels predict the effects of COVID-19?

    I've read number of virus disaster novels, but I can't recall any of them predicting anything like what's actually going on now. Anybody know of novels where the author predicted details such as a moderately lethal virus - so not end of the world stuff - leading to lock down and governments...
  28. Lnewqban

    What is a clinical ventilator?

    My apologies if already posted here or somewhere else. These articles are about what a clinical ventilator is, what problems improper use can cause and what parts are some people creating by 3-D printing:
  29. scottdave

    B Using a logarithmic scale to represent COVID-19 growth

    The author, John Burn-Murdoch, shows here ( ) how the logarithmic scale can give a better "sense" of what is happening. In linear scales, some countries' data is squashed to almost nonexistent, while others explode out of control. I...
  30. jim mcnamara

    Coronavirus infection rate + outcomes -versus bloodtypes This is a news report on a Chinese study, not a journal article Type O population of confirmed patients were disproportionately less like to die and less likely to become...