1. Kaan99

    Electrostatic self-force is zero

    Homework Statement Consider a charged body of finite size, (\rho=0 outside a bounded region V). \vec{E} is the electric field produced by the body. Suppose \vec{E} \rightarrow 0 at infinity. Show that the total self-force is zero: \int_V \rho \vec{E} dV = \vec{0}, i.e. the charged body does not...
  2. V

    A Problem In Electromagnetic Phenomena

    Homework Statement [/B] In a thin rectangular metallic strip a constant current I flows along the positive x-direction, as shown in the figure. The length, width and thickness of the strip are l,w and d, respectively. A uniform magnetic field B is applied on the strip along the positive...
  3. M

    "Rearranging" inductor

    I found two ways to solve this problem, but I get two different solutions, it's confusing because I can't see the flaw in wrong solution. 1. Homework Statement Long cylindrical inductor of diameter D1 and inductance L1 is connected to battery and creates magnetic field B1. Inductor is then...
  4. K

    Confusion about bound surface current of a cube

    If the magnetization vector is in the z direction, is the bound surface current of a cube always 0, since z cross z is 0, and x and -x cancels and y and -y cancels out?