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Electrodynamic Question about Metal.

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    I am sorta having a brain fart about this, when sending electricity threw a metal it becomes negatively charged correct?


    The electrons leave the negative terminal, pass threw the metal causing it to become negatively charged than meet the protons in the positive terminal. Correct?

    Am I missing anything?

    I feel like I am missing something about resistors, inverters, capacitors or something...
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    Yes, realistically it is the electrons that move through a metal conductor when a voltage is applied across the metal.

    However the metal itself is not charged. Electrons move, yes, however that move at a fairly constant rate throughout the metal.
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    The metal can be charged, but it would depend on the capacitance of the conductor and the voltage involved. The negative terminal would tend to have a negative charge because it is at a lower voltage, but it is not determined without specifying the entire configuration.
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