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Non-halogen fire retardant composite (Mgoh2 - Epoxy)

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    Hello, I'm currently doing research for my thesis about non halogen fire retardant composite. One of the main result is deviate and confusing because: There is no fire retardancy's effect of Magnesium Hydroxide addition to resin epoxy. Why?Any suggestions?

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    Are you doing UL burns? Horizontal or vertical? You're saying zero flame retardancy vs a control?
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    Yes it's UL 94 Vertical. There is no fire retardancy's effect or zero flame retardancy. The weight of Magnesium Hydroxide is varied based on total weight of composite
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    Have you tried aluminum trihydrate?
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    Yess, the fire retardancy's effect of aluminum trihydrate addition is pretty good.. My main research is actually combination between both aluminium trihydrate and Magnesium Hydroxide. But there is no effect of Mgoh2 addition..

    My partner has done the similar research using unsaturated polyester resin, and the result shows that the combination of Mgoh2 and AlOH3 could increase the fire retardancy. But there is a role of Mgoh2 to improve fire retardancy, because around 10-30%wt of Mgoh2 was used.
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