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How to determine polyester epoxy content in drybend?

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    I have a powder dry-bend mixed from polyester epoxy resin, fillers, pigment, other additives... I'm seeking for a method to analyze percentage weight of polyester epoxy content in this powder. So, could you prove an appropriate method to do it?

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    FTIR is a good technique, but fillers and pigments can interfere with IR analytical wavelengths. Organic pigments or inorganic pigments? What kind of UV stabilizers or antioxidants are present? Carbon black kills IR spectra. Titanium dioxide blocks out a good portion of the region. Most organic pigments will have functional groups similar to polyester. However, if the other ingredients don't interfere, make standards with known wt% of polyester. Obtain FTIR spectra and use a a good Beer's law routine for quant. Use the peak ratio method to reduce variation in film thickness (you have to make thin films 1 - 3 micron for analysis). You will need a 20 ton press with heated platens for the thin films.
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