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Investigating effects on epoxy adhesive

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    Hi, Im currently doing a scientific research regarding epoxy adhesive.

    Basically, you shine UV light onto the adhesive, it hardens.

    Im given certain parameters like, intensity of UV light and duration of exposure.

    I am supposed to investigate effects of varying parameters on: adhesion, cohesive strength and other properties.

    So far I did some research, the effects that I could investigate on are: Tensile at break(eg 8900 psi), Durameter hardness (eg D75), shrinkage percentage, % elongation at break and adhesive strength (eg 1000Pa).

    I would like comments/suggestions on working on this project with these, or maybe add new parameters?

    What I have in mind is plotting a graph of Intensity against adhesive strength under a fixed exposure time, while recording the tensile at break, durometer hardness etc.

    Any improvements/suggestions?
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    You might include temperature of the cure phase and the length of time and temperature of post cure phase.

    Are you able to change the concentration of the cure agent?
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    How about humidity during cure, or maybe even the presence of liquids?
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    Ok, basically im working in a lab that has limited equipment, several machines i found are the uv machine, which allows one to set the intensity, and duration (mins/hrs). There is also a durometer, (i havent actually seen it) but my mentor tells me it does a "Sweeping" action at a force, while plotting a graph. I intend to maybe put cured adhesive (a droplet) onto a substrate and measure at which point willl the cured resin actually "break". Now im currently working on the linear shrinkage, where I inject epoxy into a capillary tube and measure the length before the cure and after the cure. I think I will vary the duration of exposure to UV, and record plot a graph of %linear shrinkage over time of exposure.
    What do you guys think? (3 more weeks till the end of the project)
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