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Making a Nylon - Fibre Composite

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    Hi, I was tasked to design a composite material that will undergo a 3 point bending test. Maximum deflection will be of 15mm and a maximum load of 5kN. The scope of this task is not to prevent failure but to analyse the composite and learn from the design process. Nonetheless the composite should sustain a reasonable load in relation to the given criteria.

    To do this I came up with the idea of a fibre and nylon composite. What is the best way to adhere these fibres to nylon? Will epoxy work?

    Would it be possible to melt the nylon and let the nylon solidify with fibres in it ?
    Note, this will be done on a DIY basis.

    Any other material ideas are more than welcome!

    Thanks in advance
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    Nylon is a thermoplastic so yes.

    Nylon composites are common, chances are you have some in your home or garage. Off the top of my head I have cheap garden tools and bicycle parts which are fibre reinforced nylon.
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    What about hempsilkotton?
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    Epoxy resins have polar OH-groups that make them adhere well to most fibres. You could use for an example glass fibre rowings or sheets as the reinforcement. You can use a mould or build your composite layer by layer on a flat surface and process it to desired shape by just cutting the edges. Glass fibre reinforced epoxy resin matrix composites are common in DIY projects.
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