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Homework Help: Intrinsic and extrinsic silicon semiconductors

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    Can some1 please assist me with this question,i have tried every means possible with no avail.
    A wafer of intrinsic silicon is deliberately doped with 3 X 10^20/m^-3 of acceptor atoms
    1, CAlculate the electron and hole concntration in the wafer
    2,calc the position of the Fermi level in the band-gap
    3calculate the conductivity of the wafer

    q = 1.6 X 10^-19C,k = 1.38 X 10^-23J/K = 8.6 X 10^-5eV/K,ni = 1.45 X 10^16m-3,Nc= 2.5 X 10^25m^-3,EG(Si)= 1.1eV....
    Thanks a lot in advance for your assiatance

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    You need to attempt a solution before anyone can help you. And please show your work.
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