What is Future technology: Definition and 16 Discussions

Future technology-related topics include:

Emerging technologies, technologies that are perceived as capable of changing the status quo
Hypothetical technology, technology that does not exist yet, but that could exist in the future
Futures studies (also called futurology), the study of postulating possible, probable, and preferable futures and the worldviews and myths that underlie them
Technology forecasting, attempts to predict the future characteristics of useful technological machines, procedures or techniques

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  1. M

    B Can objects in nature store light information on the quantum level?

    In the 1934 novel by John Taine, Before the Dawn, scientists are able to retrieve images of the past by accessing the light absorbed by stones throughout history. While this is fictional, 1934 was really before the dawn of quantum physics. In the far future, could we retrieve images from light...
  2. M

    B How would physics change if Planet 9 were a primordial black hole?

    I watch John Michael Godier on YouTube. He is a futurist and makes fantastic videos where he speculates on many things. Todays video was about primordial black holes and he speculated about Planet 9 not being visible because it may actually be a black hole born in the dawn of the universe. He...
  3. D

    If we have a non combustible power source

    If i create a non combustible self-sustaining energy source that generates zero radiation, what kind of propulsion system could be designed? Is someone out there with that type of propulsion system already?
  4. E

    B Quantum entanglement and communications

    Could quantum entanglement be used to send faster-than-light communications across vast distances in space, in the distant future? For example, if humans establish permanent colonies on Mars, it would take some time to send communications between Earth and Mars. Could a future technology...
  5. E

    Is quantum computing the key to achieving an AGI?

    Is advanced quantum computing the key to achieving the world's first true artificial general intelligence? The astronomical amount of computing power required for an AGI is currently not possible with classical computing.
  6. N

    B A New Way to Make Fusion Reactors More Efficient

    I am quite new to this site. I have been following this technology (fusion) for many years now. It never seems to be any closer to actual deployment. Do you think we are getting closer? What do you think are the major stumbling blocks? The article below I read today. My understanding is that...
  7. anorlunda

    Future Technology: Helpful or Harmful?

    Let me recommend http://catless.ncl.ac.uk/Risks/ The Forum on Risks to the Public in Computers and Related Systems, ACM Committee on Computers and Public Policy, Peter G. Neumann, moderator. I've been following it since 1995. It is not really a forum like PF, but rather a newsletter. It is...
  8. TranscedentKid

    Looking for good intro science books. I'm thinking Kaku?

    So, I've been inspired by shows like Fringe, games like Deus Ex and Halo, and movies like Robo Cop, The Machine, Eva, and Blade Runner. My interests would fall into the categories of things like neuroscience, biological engineering, nanotechnology, bionics, AI, body-computer interfaces, etc.--...
  9. B

    Could we make a supersonic electric airplane?

    Hi guys, I've been reading a bit and watching a few youtube videos on electric aircraft, but have come across little to do with supersonic aircraft. As far as I understand it an electric aircraft would use basically fans to push air behind it and as such generate thrust. The problem would be...
  10. TranscedentKid

    Jobs combining medicine, nanotech, and cybernetics?

    My interests lie in what is apparently coming next-- the future of nanotech, cybernetics, artificial intelligence, and the "transhuman" era. My family has been encouraging me to go pre-med-- people will always need a doctor. However, I've learned that in Med school, there isn't much of an...
  11. Kelson Adams

    Physics We colonize Mars, emerging industries?

    Let's say we colonize Mars today. What will some of the leading emerging industries be? I can imagine the energy sector (nuclear power, etc.), heavy materials sector (mining, etc.) and communications sector (internet, etc.) will be robust. What emerging industries could you imagine forming on...
  12. Futurestar33

    What is your reason for studying physics?

    What is your reason for studying physics and what do you want to do with it. I actually got thrown into my schools physics program by accident. I began at a community college studying nanotechnology and when i transferred schools it was supposed to be a two-plus two program meaning I would get...
  13. Hoverboardfan

    I want some advice on making a hoverboard

    The hoverboard would be a long, sleek, light, metal board with two strong but small fans underneath for power and another one on the end for propulsion. I would be about 3 feet in length, 5 in. in width, and about 4 cm. in height. The metal board would be in the shape of a skateboard but a...
  14. D

    Mindblowing future technology predictions of the future?

    Hello all. Nice to meet you. I don't want to know what's smaller than a quark but I am sure many here have spent a lot of time thinking about the future. In terms of new technology. I have some of my own theories for some of things that we'll definitely see in the future. I'm betting on flying...
  15. S

    Ethics and future technology

    Hello all, Thanks in advance for any thoughts and opinions on this. In short, I'm wondering if classes or a masters in applied ethics and future tech would be an asset for me. I took a 400 lvl class in a previous semester about applied ethics and future technologies. I was very interested...
  16. A

    Time Machine (Future Technology)

    I heard many time the word of Time Machine. Can the concept of Time Machine become true in future? what is your opinion...?