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Physics We colonize Mars, emerging industries?

  1. Mar 18, 2015 #1
    Let's say we colonize Mars today. What will some of the leading emerging industries be? I can imagine the energy sector (nuclear power, etc.), heavy materials sector (mining, etc.) and communications sector (internet, etc.) will be robust.

    What emerging industries could you imagine forming on Mars from the moment we start colonizing it to 100 years afterwards? :)
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    I'm not sure I understand the point of this thread. This is the "career guidance" forum, where we trade advice on careers. A Mars colonization isn't on the horizon so there are no careers to be had in it. So what is the point/reason of speculation? Are you writing a science fiction novel? We have a different forum for that. In either case, since this isn't something that exists or is being planned, I don't think there can be any answer to your questions.
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    I'm actually just curious what people think will be the most important industries that develop on Mars once we colonize it. It's not for any particular reason, it's just a question I've been thinking of lately and I'm curious as to what other people's thoughts are on the topic. Many private companies (SpaceX and MarsOne, for example) have it as their goal to one day colonize the planet and they (as well as their investors) seem convinced that it will some day happen -- therefore, I see it as a reasonable question to ask within the careers section since people may one day soon be working on Mars. :)
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    As Russ said this subforum is for personal career advice. As you don't seem to need any I'm afraid the thread is closed.
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