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Time Machine (Future Technology)

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    I heard many time the word of Time Machine. Can the concept of Time Machine become true in future? what is your opinion.......?
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    A time machine to travel into the future: sure they exist! They're called Black Holes and decently fast spaceships (if we can build one, which isn't too farfetched)!

    One to travel into the past: The Universe had better find a way to keep from collapsing if we ever shoot our grandparents. :rofl:
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    Doesn't the theory of Causation claim that we can't go back in time and kill our parents before they give birth to us? At that point, wouldn't you have just created a different timeline?

    This is clearly all speculation, considering nobody has traveled back in time yet.
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    As for shooting your grandparents goes, something will always prevent it. Can't get the gun to work, misplaced it, time machine runs out of gasoline (haha). It is kind of like going out and searching for live dinosaurs in that the expedition is set up for failure before it starts.
    Or, you could subscribe to the theory that as soon as you shoot them you remember a different timeline.
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    Nonsense. You can't just have memory change to match the events of the current Universe, you'd have your whole existence change.

    But can't one just not subscribe to that theory, since then you won't have existed to shoot your grandparents, so we have a paradox.
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    This thread is too speculative and doesn't meet our guidelines.
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