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Egg Drop Project: Honors Physics

  1. Nov 27, 2011 #1
    My class has been assigned the egg drop project, and I need some help/info on how to go about it.

    Objective: to design a container which will protect a raw egg, when dropped.
    Apparatus: 1. Each container must meet the following specifications:
    a. Maximum mass- 20g
    b. Body size- the container mist fit inside a rectangular box, 6cm*6cm*30 cm
    2. The only allowable materials are paper, cardboard, balsa wood, rubber bands, feathers, and glue.
    3. Fins and other aerodynamic paraphernalia may be added, which exceed the 6cm*6cm limit, but must fit within a 12cm*12cm box.
    4. At no time during the fall may any part of the container have any material exceed the maximum dimensions as outlined above. This allows for parachutes and other wind dragging elements, provided they remain within the 12cm*12cm width and 30cm length maximum throughout the fall.
    1. Contestants must be able to secure their eggs in the container within 5 minutes. Eggs will be furnished by the teacher. Medium eggs will be used.
    2. The container will be dropped from successive heights until breakage occurs. The minimum height a container must survive is 1.5 m.
    3. Between drops repairs may be made provided no additional material is added to the container.
    4. Maximum times between drops will be 5 minutes.
    5. The mass of the empty container will be determined before the first drop.
    Scoring: Scores will be determined using the following formula:
    Points= 100H/mass^2(squared)
    H= greatest height, in meters, attained without the breaking of the egg
    M= mass,in grams, of the empty container. The exponent places high premium on economy of design.
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    What putting a pad of rubber bands on the bottom and a parachute which will both slow it down and align it to land on it's bottom
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    I imagine if you pack it well it could work fine. Use the feathers and pack it.
    Another idea would be to make some sort of spring using the wood and rubber bands. According to impulse-momentum change this would lengthen the amount of time over which the contact occurs and thus decrease force.
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    You could try creating two small planks by attaching 4(ish) paddle pop sticks together along their longest sides, place them in the middle of your box and use rubber bands connected to the outside to have them pull against one another. Just place the egg in between the two planks (the rubber bands should stop it from falling out) and the bands should increase the acceleration time appreciably.
    You could also try packing with foam or sawdust or something else lightweight but this might actually decrease the time, you might want to do a few test runs with different designs like this.

    And definitely use the ability to add things around your container to maximize the surface area, this will REALLY slow your box down.
    Come to think of it you should ask how heavy other people are making theirs, you might be able to find some really lightweight motors to run a propeller on top of your box.
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