What is Horizontal projectile: Definition and 29 Discussions

In astronomy, geography, and related sciences and contexts, a direction or plane passing by a given point is said to be vertical if it contains the local gravity direction at that point.

Conversely, a direction or plane is said to be horizontal if it is perpendicular to the vertical direction.
In general, something that is vertical can be drawn from up to down (or down to up), such as the y-axis in the Cartesian coordinate system.

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  1. V

    Horizontal projectile motion lab

    This is how I think the set up of the lab should look like. I've decided the height to be y=1,5m. The length x is assumed to be 0.32m. where Voy =0m/s the time it takes for the marble to drop 1,5m is 0,55s the inital velocity of the marble is around 0,47m/s I Think I have the...
  2. D

    Horizontally launched projectile

    Homework Statement A bomb is launched from the front of a plane horizontally. The inicial velocity of the bomb is ##v##, the inicial velocity of the plane is ##u##. Find: The trayectory of the bomb with respect to the ground.The trayectory of the bombb with respect to the plane.The trayectory...
  3. C

    Air resistance - freefall and horizontal projectile motion

    We have two identical balls sitting at the same height. One of them is released without applying any force (it falls freely) and the other one is given a non-zero horizontal velocity. Which of them will hit the ground first? The force of air resistance is proportional to the square of the...
  4. vAhmed

    Find final velocity in a horizontal projectile motion

    Homework Statement A ball was thrown from a cliff, it reached to the ground after 2.5 seconds. a) Find the height of the cliff. b) Find the horizontal distance the ball reached. Homework Equations Δy = 2⋅g⋅t^2 Vfy = g⋅t √(Vfy)^2+(Vfx)^2 Δx= Vx⋅t The Attempt at a Solution I've found Δy=30.6m...
  5. G

    With what minimal horizontal velocity can you throw a stone

    Homework Statement With what minimal horizontal velocity can you throw a stone from position A so it it manages to fly over position B. the distance between A and B is 40m the height of position A is 20m the height of position B is 10m Homework Equations [/B] The Attempt at a Solution...
  6. J

    Impact Force of a Horizontal Moving Projectile

    What is the correct way to calculate the impact force of a 2"x4" flying through the air and hitting a solid cross beam? The knowns are: Velocity: 50 ft/sec Distance To cross beam: 12 ft 2" x 4" Weight: 9 lbs I don't know much the cross beam will deflect on impact, so the stopping distance is...
  7. S

    Projectile hitting the incline plane horizontally

    Homework Statement A projectile is thrown at angle θ with an inclined plane of inclination 45o . Find θ if projectile strikes the inclined the plane horizontal Homework Equations Taking x-axis along the incline and y-axis perpendicular to incline.[/B] Vx=ucosθ - gsint(45)t Vy=usinθ -...
  8. J

    Angle below horizontal projectile question

    Homework Statement a ball rolls off an incline on top of a 9.0m building at a velocity of 22m/s 32° below the horizontal how far from the base of the building will the ball hit the ground? [ANS = 11m) Homework Equations vf^2 = vi^2 + 2ad d = ((vf+vi)/2)t d = vt The Attempt at a Solution x...
  9. R

    Horizontal Projectiles. Degree or Radian mode in calculator?

    Homework Statement It's a worksheet with questions like : A pelican flying along a horizontal path drops a fish from a height of 5.4 m. The fish travels 8.0 m horizontally before it hits the water below. What is the pelican's initial speed? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution [/B] So...
  10. skulliam4

    Weight of Horizontal Projectile

    Hi, I am 12 years old and sort of a noob to physics due to, well, me being in the 8th grade. I need to find the weight of this spherical projectile given just about every other factor, I know the Angle in which it was fired (32.2°), the gravity of the planet this takes place on (12m/s2), the...
  11. H

    Solving for Building Height and Time in Horizontal Projectile Motion

    Homework Statement A ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a building and lands 20.0m away from it. If the ball is initially thrown at a velocity of 10.0m/s, how high is the building? How long does it take for the ball to reach the ground? Homework Equations dv = Viv * t + 1/2a *...
  12. M

    Calculating Average Speed of a Baseball in Horizontal Projectile Motion

    This is the problem word for word: A student throws a baseball at a large gong 48 m away and hears the sound of the gong 1.18893 s later. The speed of sound in air is 330 m/s. What was the average speed of the baseball on its way to the gong? (For simplicity, assume its trajectory to be a...
  13. G

    Initial Vertical Velocity of a non - horizontal projectile (trebuchet)

    I need to find the initial velocity of a trebuchet launch. Data I have is a distance traveled of 11.1 m, time of 1.25 seconds, height of the sling straight up at 1.85 m. Equations I can use are V2 = V1 + a(t) , dy = V1(t) + 1/2(ay)(t)^2 , V2^2 = V1^2 + 2ad and viy = dy / t. Finding the...
  14. X

    Horizontal projectile, NOT GIVEN INITIAL VELOCITY

    Homework Statement A cannon ball is fired horizontally off the top of a cliff that is 400 m high above the ocean. The ball hits the water 600 m away. With what speed does the cannon ball enter the water? Homework Equations I've tried using d_{x} = u_{x}*t d_{y} = u_{y}*t +...
  15. B

    Horizontal Projectile Launcher

    I need to build a completely horizontal projectile launcher for my physics class. I started experimenting with a Gauss rifle, but the horizontal velocity was hardly even 1m/s, even with strong magnets. I'm looking into a few other propulsion mechanisms, such as pressurized air (like a spud gun)...
  16. W

    Calculating Displacement and Landing Position of a Horizontal Projectile

    Homework Statement A tennis ball is thrown horizontally from an elevation of 13.03m above the ground with a speed of 24.0m/s. a)where is the ball after 1.50 seconds (both horizontally and vertically)? b) if the ball is still in the air, how long before it hits the ground? c) if...
  17. N

    Solving for Height in Horizontal Projectile Motion: 41 m/s, 23 m, g = -9.8m/s

    This was an even numbered problem from the book so there are no answers to make sure I've done this correctly or not. Homework Statement An arrow fires horizontally at 41 m/s travels 23 m horizontally. From what height was it fired? Vi = 41 m/s a = g = -9.8m/s x = 23m Homework...
  18. Femme_physics

    Solving for Horizontal Projectile Motion: Mechanics Final Question

    This is one of the questions at the mechanics finals that I skipped. Homework Statement http://img155.imageshack.us/img155/1702/mecccs.jpg In the drawing is described the trajectory of a stone cast from a cliff at point A in an initial horizontal velocity V. During its motion the stone...
  19. P

    How to Calculate Projectile Motion Using Horizontal and Vertical Equations?

    Zero Launch Angle Lab We used a spring loaded gun and shot a ball out of it. Here's the data: three trials: 1.78 seconds 1.34 seconds 1.39 seconds the distance traveled was the same for each trial: 2.98 meters the height is 1.04 m FIND: 1. percent error on time. 2...
  20. A

    Horizontal Projectile Motion Speed

    Homework Statement A projectile is fired horzontally from a height of 1.5 m with a velocity of 100 m/s [E]. Ignoring any effects of friction... a) How much time will elapse between the projectile being fired and hitting the ground? b) What will be the horizontal distance from the point...
  21. T

    Horizontal Projectile Motion Problem

    Homework Statement A mountain climber jumps a crevasse by leaping horizontally with speed v_{o}. If the climber's direction of motion on landing is \Theta below the horizontal, what is the height difference h between the two sides of the crevasse? Homework Equations x=v_{o}t v_{x}=v_{o}...
  22. M

    Horizontal projectile problem(revised)

    Homework Statement A person standing on a cliff throws a stone with a horizontal velocity of 15.0m/s and the stone hits the ground 47.0 m from the base of the cliff. A. How much time does it take for the stone to hit the ground? B. How high is the cliff? C. What was the impact velocity of...
  23. M

    Horizontal projectile question

    Homework Statement a person sstanding on a cliff throws a stone with a stone horizontal velocoty of 15.0m/s and the stone lands on the ground 47.0m from the base of the cliff. a. how much time does it take for the stone to hit the ground? b. how high was the cliff? c.what is the impact...
  24. J

    Horizontal Projectile Motion Question

    Horizontal Projectile Motion Question...please help! 1. A ball is thrown horizontally from the top of a building 22.8 m. high. The ball strikes the ground at a point 52.1 m. from the base of the building. a. Find the time the ball is in motion. b. Find the initial velocity of the ball. c...
  25. D

    Calculate Spring Extension for Horizontal Projectile Launcher

    I've built a horizontal spring launcher, and i need to calculate the extension needed in the spring in order to launch a projectile horizontally to a given distance. The launcher consists of a striker connected to the spring... when the spring is pulled back and let go the strike moves...
  26. H

    Calculating Horizontal Projectile Displacement and Speed

    The problem states; A projectile is fired horizontally with an initial speed of 50m/s. neglect air resistance. What is the magnitude of the displacement of the projectile 3 seconds after it is fired? What is the speed of the projectil 3 seconds after it is fired? I used this equation to get my X...
  27. H

    Finding Maximum Height in a Projectile Trajectory

    The question states; A projectile is fired at an angle of 60 degrees above the horizontal with an initial speed of 30.0m/s. How long does it take the projectile to reach the highest point in its trajectory? Ok so I was able to find the maximum point (34.44m) by finding the Y component...
  28. X

    What Formula Should I Use to Solve a Horizontal Projectile Problem?

    A hunter aims directly at a small target (on the same level) 68 m away. If the bullet leaves the gun at a speed of 186 m/s, by how much will it miss the target? I just need to know what formula I should use to solve this problem?
  29. M

    Solving for T in a horizontal projectile equation

    Hi, I am stuck on even how to start to solve for T the equations is: 0 = Vi / K (1 - e^-kt)(sin theta) + (g / k^2)(1-kt-e^-kt) Any suggestions on how to begin to solve for T would be appreciated. Thanks, Matt