What is Mixtures: Definition and 40 Discussions

In chemistry, a mixture is a material made up of two or more different substances which are not chemically combined. A mixture is the physical combination of two or more substances in which the identities are retained and are mixed in the form of solutions, suspensions and colloids.Mixtures are one product of mechanically blending or mixing chemical substances such as elements and compounds, without chemical bonding or other chemical change, so that each ingredient substance retains its own chemical properties and makeup. Despite the fact that there are no chemical changes to its constituents, the physical properties of a mixture, such as its melting point, may differ from those of the components. Some mixtures can be separated into their components by using physical (mechanical or thermal) means. Azeotropes are one kind of mixture that usually poses considerable difficulties regarding the separation processes required to obtain their constituents (physical or chemical processes or, even a blend of them).

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  1. A

    Silicon and Germanium semiconductor mixtures used in component manufacturing?

    Can Silicon and Germanium semiconductors mixture (chemical reaction) with some other chemical elements (if required) assist in creating new and existing robust electronic components? Si + Ge + ? + ? = Can this assist in quantum computing?
  2. B

    Methods for quantifying colloids?

    What are the methods for quantifying the amount of colloidal particles in sol mixtures?
  3. B

    Is it possible to physically separate colloids from sol'n?

    I understand that colloids (at least those less than 0.7 um in diameter) are not filterable using conventional filters. But are there other physical separation methods that can separate them from solution, apart from using membranes? Centrifugation perhaps? I just want some confirmation. Thank you!
  4. Dong Aleta

    Standard method for identifying species in solid mixtures

    I want to know of any standard method for identifying (and possibly quantifying) the species contained in a solid mixture sample. Thanks in advance!
  5. leighflix

    Understanding Hetero and Homo Mixtures for Chemistry Beginners

    I've just recently started relearning chemistry. Forgive me for asking such a basic question, but my textbook doesn't use very practical examples with a detailed explanation. So a hetero and homo mixture can be classified as if there compositions (multiple substances) are blended or not. Let's...
  6. Serena

    Where Can I Find Reliable Solubility Data for Various Mixtures and Temperatures?

    HI, Do you have any suggestion for a good solubility database? I tried IUPAC-NIST but I can't find the data I need there (water-toluene, water-hexane, water-MEK mixtures at 40°C). I am also looking for the densities of the pure solvents at 40°C. Thank you
  7. A

    Can Boric Acid or Detergents Increase the Density of Silicone Oil?

    Hi everyone, I am looking for a way to densify silicone oil. Foolishly, I tried to dissolve Calcium Chloride but as well all know, salt will not dissolve in oil. If anyone has any knowledge as to how I can increase the density of silicone oil I would greatly appreciate your input.
  8. gracy

    Homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures

    http://dwb4.unl.edu/Chem/CHEM869B/CHEM869BInfoFiles/pubCHEM869B-Info005.html In the last question of Quiz 1X Look at lower Ieft hand side. I chose heterogenous mixture but It was given wrong.Why?I chose heterogenous mixture because there are 4 molecules of one substance and only 3 atoms of other...
  9. gracy

    Difference between mixtures and compounds

    i know in mixture two or more substance are not chemically bonded whereas in compounds substance are chemically bonded and also in mixtures substance can be separated by mechanical method but not compounds But i want to ask how can i identify whether substance is mixture or compound if it comes...
  10. N

    Thermodynamics: Air and Steam Mixtures

    Homework Statement A vessel of 0.3m3 capacity contains a mixture of air and steam which is 0.75 dry. If the pressure is 7 bar and temperature is 116.9 degree Celsius, find: Mass of water present, mass of dry saturated vapour, mass of air. Answer key: 0.102kg, 0.307kg, 1.394kgHomework Equations...
  11. naima

    How do I express p1 |v1> + p2 |v2> for a mixture, not a pure state?

    Is there a way to write p1 |v1> + p2 |v2> if it is not a pure state but a mixture? thanks.
  12. Q

    Understanding Forces in Mixtures & Solution

    Hi, From the wiki article, I understand that Mixtures can be of three types (by homogenity and particle size): Solution (< 1 nanometer) Colloid (between 1 nanometer and 1 micrometer) Suspension (> 1 micrometer) 1. But if we have two immiscible liquids that each have molecule size...
  13. B

    Can quantum mechanics predict the likelihood of chemical reactions in mixtures?

    How do I write the non-approximated Schrodinger equation Hamiltonian for a mixture containing 25% by partial pressure of H2 gas and 75% by partial pressure of He gas, at 100 KPa pressure and 298 K?
  14. M

    Is the Reduced Spin State of an Entangled Particle an Improper Mixture?

    Hi there -- can anyone give me, or point me to, an argument that the reduced state density matrix corresponding to one of a pair of entangled particles is an `improper mixture' -- that is, that the particle with that reduced state (a reduced spin state, say) cannot be understood as being in some...
  15. G

    Ultrasound velocities in h20/propylene glycol mixtures

    I started with a 100% water sample, and measured the speed of ultrasound using 1MHz transducer, and in 10% increments added propylene glycol to the sample fixture until I reached 100% propylene glycol. Curiously, the velocity of ultrasound waves when plotted against % propylene glycol...
  16. W

    Chemistry: Separating mixtures assesement

    I am 15 years old and doing chemistry as an elective at school. I have an assessment which ask me to "Describe the industrial separation of a mixture to obtain useful chemicals" I have to be able to demonstrate the separation in class. It obviously cannot involve dangerous chemicals, as I am...
  17. P

    Third law of thermodynamics and mixtures

    Is it true that entropy of mixture of twodifferent ideal quantum gases at 0K temperature is equal 0 that is the entropy of mixing is 0 at 0K (two pure gases would have also 0 entropy).
  18. M

    Electromagnetism used to determine chemical mixtures?

    Hi everyone, I have been given an assignment with my physics subject and describe in 400 words how electromagnetism can be used to determine the composition of different chemical mixtures I was hoping someone could lead me to a couple of websites to do my research. I have entered about...
  19. Saladsamurai

    Ideal Gas Mixtures: Dalton vs Amagat Models

    Hello all! :smile: You know, I thought I knew something about ideal gas mixtures, but now I am not so sure. I am reading through a section of a text that discusses the Dalton and the Agamat models of ideal gas mixtures. I will briefly describe each: Dalton Model: The underlying assumption...
  20. D

    Entropy, free energy and chemical potential of mixtures

    Hi, Homework Statement Consider a mixture of different gases with N_i molecules each (i=1...k denotes the species). For ideal gases the following relation yields: S(T,V,N_1,...N_k)=\sum_{i=1}^k S_i(T,V,N_i) a)Give explicit expressions for the entropy, the internal energy, Helmholtz free...
  21. L

    Non- Ideal Mixtures- positve deviation from Raoult's Law

    Homework Statement Ethanol (bp= 78° C) and water (bp= 100°C) form an azeotropic mixture at 4% water ans temperature 65°C. what is obtained in the residue and the distillate if: i) 3% water is used ii) 20% water is used The Attempt at a Solution I know that the distillate would...
  22. W

    Mixtures of Acids and Bases: What Type of Solution is Produced?

    Homework Statement You prepared a reaction table for 10.0 mL of 0.1 M NH4Cl with 5.0 mL of 0.1 M NaOH. Please choose all of the following that describe the solution that was produced. The choices are: 1. a solution containing only a strong base 2. a solution containing a weak acid and a...
  23. O

    Seperating Mixtures, changes in Weight

    Homework Statement You start with 10.00 g of sand/salt mixture. suppose you end up with 4.52g of sand and 5.9g of salt. a) calculate the % sand and salt based only on the sand result: "4.52 g sand means there must have been 5.48g of salt" b) do the same using only the salt result: "5.9g salt...
  24. S

    Calculating Work and Heat Transfer in Gas Mixture Compression

    A mixture of hydrocarbon gases is composed of 60% methane, 25% propane, and 15% butane by weight. This mixture is compressed from 100 kPa and 20ºC to 1000 kPa in a reversible, isothermal, steady-flow compressor. Determine the work and heat transfer for this compression per unit mass of the...
  25. Y

    Calculating the Mass & Comp. of Methanol Mixtures

    Homework Statement Two methanol-water mixtures are contained in separate flasks. The first mixture contains 40wt% methanol and the second contains 70wt% methanol. If 200g of the first mixture is combined with 150g of the second, what are the mass and composition of the product? Homework...
  26. P

    Thermodynamics about mixtures of ideal gases and vapors

    My question: For gaseous mixture say gas A, B, and C: I knew that X or the mole fraction is equivalent to volumetric fraction, when those gases have pressure and temperature the same with the mixture, and for dalton's law, the summation of the pressure of gases is equivalent to that of the...
  27. Saladsamurai

    Stupid Question about Hetero/Homogeneous mixtures

    I was just asked "Are salt and sand heterogeneous or homogenous mixtures?" I can see that sand is heterogeneous, but why is salt heterogeous? Casey
  28. A

    Are all mixtures solutions, and are all solutions mixtures?

    Are all mixtures solutions and are all solutions mixtures?? Explain.
  29. A

    Energy Mixtures: Potential & Kinetic Energy Explained

    Descirbe potential and kinetic energy in all mixtures.
  30. A

    Compounds and mixtures - similarities and differences

    [b]1. I have a science test do tommor! I was sick the two last day, so i looked and couldn't find the simmilarties between mixtures and compounds. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
  31. L

    Calculating Fraction of Alcohol in Water-Alcohol Mixtures

    In an 8-gram solution of water and alcohol, the ratio by mass of water to alcohol is 3 to 1. If 12 grams of a solution consisting of 2 grams water for each gram of alcohol is added to the 8-gram solution, what fraction by mass of the new solution is alcohol? -- I know that the first thing you...
  32. O

    Calculating Refractive Index of Liquid Mixtures: Is There a General Formula?

    Is there a general formula to calculate the refractive index of a mixture of two liquids of known refractive index, e.g. water and ethanol, or water and glycerol?
  33. D

    Calculating Final Temperature of Mixtures

    Hi. In a year 11 physics class, i have been learning about heat. Today, we learned how to calculate the final temperature of a mixture of 2 different substantes. The example we were given was the calculation of the tempreature of a mixture of 2.2kg of ice (-16 degrees celcius), and 0.4kg of...
  34. O

    Separating Mixtures: Lab Experiments & Methods

    Greetings, I have just done a lab in which we separated NaCl, NH4Cl, and SiO2. To separate first the mixture was heated and the Nh4Cl sublimed (in which i measured teh content by mass loss) Then I extracted the NaCl using soluability by adding water then evaporating the water leaving the...
  35. G

    Heat Exchange in Mixtures & Thermodynamics

    i would like to know more about the heat exchange in mixtures and thermodynamics example would be like: How much heat energy is required to change? a) 2.0kg of ice at 0 C to water at 0 C? b) 500g of water at 100 C to steam at 100 C?
  36. A

    Sum of Odd & Even Integers Always Odd?

    suppose you have 3 integers. if the intergers are a mixture of odd and even integers, then why does the sum always equal an odd number?
  37. S

    Can You Predict the Line Spectrum of a Mixture of Two Elements?

    I understand that there are atomic spectra for the elements, but how do you predict the line spectrum of a mixture of 2 elements like a H-He mixture? Must you combine the lines from both elements? Thanks.
  38. J

    Mixtures, compounds & elements

    Hi! I'm having trouble answering some questions on a lab I did in class. Any help at all would be greatly appreciated! The purpose of the experiemt was to test the differences between pure substances (elements, compounds) and mixtures. If the procedure would help, here it is: 1. Mix equal...
  39. S

    Understanding Color Vision: Mixtures & Frequencies

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum for it, but I had a few questions about how color vision works. I know that mixtures of pure colors look like other pure colors. For example, some mixture of pure (monochromatic) green and blue looks like pure yellow. So for a given color, are there an...
  40. R

    Question on how to prepare mixtures

    Question on how to prepare mixtures.. need help! Hey. I have this lab that's due in like 4hours.. any help within this time period will be greatly helpful.. Ok.. this is the question that i have been struggling with: Starting with solid Fe(NO3)3*9H2O, describe the preparation of 250mL of...